Thus far on Thursday and Friday at the annual winter DCI board of director's meetings in Pasadena, Calif., the DCI board of directors has spent considerable time looking inward, debating and deliberating various governance issues. "Yesterday and again today have taken big look at how we govern ourselves, and we've looked at membership and board membership," said Jeff Fiedler, chairman of the DCI board of directors. "One proposal aimed at how the board of directors views itself has generated some discussion," Fiedler noted. Another ongoing discussion is centered on the geographical aspects of World Championships, which will also affect the look and feel of a typical summer tour. "We have some future scheduling issues that are causing very interesting discussion, about where Championships are going and the structure of our summers," Fiedler said. Fiedler also noted that a typical winter meeting covers a lot of ground. "We're a little bit all over the highway, which is what these meetings are all about," said Fiedler, whose role in these discussions is partially to direct conversational traffic. Looking forward, Fiedler said the board would be tackling more concrete topics as the weekend goes forward. "We're going to be doing a little bit more practical things. We're going to learn a little bit more about music licensing, which is something in the last five to seven years that has become a much bigger important issue for all of us," Fiedler said. Later this afternoon, the board will be taking a field trip. "Then we're going on a tour of the Rose Bowl," Fiedler said of the afternoon's agenda.