The DCI Central Division annual meeting was held at the Westin Hotel in Rosemont, Ill., this past weekend, as part of the larger set of DCI fall meetings held at the same time. DCI Central Division chairman Greg Orwoll (director of the Colts) noted that as a result of the meetings, 2006 scheduling is way ahead of where it has been in the past. "I was impressed that we were able to achieve such an aggressive goal in getting the schedule flushed out so early," said Orwoll. "The extra several months time we have with the schedule set is going to help both the tour event partners and the corps in planning the summer. Sue Kuehnhold (DCI show and corps administrator) did amazing work to have it done this soon. It had to be a real challenge, and we all appreciate," added Orwoll. Attendance included 25 corps, representing all but two Central Division corps. Attendance also included three corps that took the 2005 season off who are making plans to return to the field in 2006: the Americanos, Bandettes and Marion Cadets. "I was pleased to see the commitment from the three corps who took last season off to get their corps re-energized for next summer," said Orwoll. "Hopefully, the year off has allowed them to strengthen their organizations for the future. It would be great to have them back with us again," Also in attendance was a new prospective corps, "Hypnotix," from Evansville, Ind. The business meeting included further fine-tuning of Drum Corps International Central Division operating policies, now in its third year.

A DCI Central major focus show for Division II and III and senior corps will be held in the afternoon of July 8 in the RCA dome in Indianapolis. The winners of each class (Division II, Division III and senior) will then present an exhibition at the beginning of the evening show. The afternoon show will be offered to ticket holders as a bonus show that they can attend with their evening show ticket. Additionally "The 2005 season was reviewed, highlighting possible areas of improvement and areas that worked well," Orwoll said. The annual DCIC awards for director of the year and show of the year were voted on. The DCIC director of the year is Greg Struve of the Blue Stars. The DCIC show of the year was a tie between Mankato, Minn., and Dubuque, Iowa. Finally, five members were elected to the DCIC Advisory Committee. Re-elected to another one year term were Greg Orwoll (Colts, chair), Pat Siedling (Phantom Regiment) and Rick Bays (Capital Regiment). Newly elected to a one-year term, filling out the five positions, are David Glasgow (Bluecoats) and Sarah Teschke (Capital Sound).

The next meeting of the Advisory Committee will be Sunday, Jan. 29 in Padadena, Calif., following the Drum Corps International board meetings.