The Drum Corps International executive committee passed a resolution this weekend specific to non-member Division I corps that will allow Pacific Crest, a corps from Diamond Bar, Calif., to compete as a Division I corps this coming summer at DCI World Championships in Orlando, Fla. Division I World Championships and full-lineup, major Division I competitions are now open to any corps that has (prior to that event) competed as a Division I corps at a minimum of 10 DCI-sanctioned competitions in their regional division in that year. Regional divisions include DCI Atlantic, DCI Midwest and DCI Pacific. Other notes from the weekend meeting: *On June 7, DCI Board of Directors chairman Jeff Fiedler will convene a group of advisors to discuss the issues surrounding the implementation of amplification during DCI programs in 2004. An outside audio consultant will also be present at this meeting. *DCI executive director Dan Acheson reported that the format of the 2003 PBS broadcast will be similar to 2002 format -- PBS stations across the country will be offered a two-hour program that will focus not only on the World Championship competition, but also on the drum corps experience as told by performers from different corps. The program will be available to begin airing on Public Television stations during the Labor Day weekend. Because of a post-event edit, made possible by this format, DCI is able to present in-depth, meaningful stories that relate to band students more directly. Acheson said that the success of DCI's new Commitment to Excellence program, in which band directors request a DVD for the purpose of showing to their band students, partially necessitated maintaining the 2002 format. "This asset has been tremendous in bringing DCI into America's band rooms," Acheson said of the success of the Commitment to Excellence program. *Scores at events this summer will not be announced on the Web before finals ceremonies. Last summer, scores at many events were posted on before finals ceremonies, which was not deemed a positive experience for the members of the participating corps, nor the fans attending the event. will still be the first electronic source to disseminate scores, however. *George Brown, chairman of the DCI Division II & III advisory committee, reported that 17 individual DCI Division II & III shows are in place for this summer, and all are listed on Brown also reported that three new corps will participate at the Division II & III level this summer -- Court of Honor (Division III), Eklipse (Division II) and Memphis Sound (Division II). Fever will compete at the Division II level in DCI Pacific events. The full DCI board of directors will meet again in September, when it will approve the 2004 budget, listen to a presentation of the business plan, look long-term to 2005 and beyond, listen to amplification rule clarifications, listen to rules proposals and committee reports, begin nomination discussions, and evaluate the success of the Division II & III season.