Submitted by Citations:

Sunday, Nov. 25, Citations hosted an audition camp for returning and prospective brass and percussion members. With more than 90 percent of 2007 corps members registered for the 2008 season, and students coming from more than 10 different school districts, the audition day has been labeled by corps management as one of the most successful in recent history.

"The most exciting thing is the talent within the corps from day one. Not only was there a great turnout, but most of the rookies already have a really good handle on their marching and musicianship skills," said 2008 Citations drum major Mike Rawding. "Likewise, the new and returning staff members had an incredible amount of skill and energy. The Citations' 2008 season will certainly propel the group to new levels."

Submitted by Teal Sound:

Teal Sound pushed ahead into 2008 with an audition and rehearsal camp on Dec. 15 – 16 which was attended by more than 170 prospective members.

"This was by far the highest level of talent and prospects that the corps has ever seen and the decisions that had to be made at the end of the weekend to let some go, were very tough for sure," said corps director Randy Blackburn.

Working through several musical pieces and exercises throughout the weekend, the corps wrapped things up with a show-and-tell presentation of everything members had accomplished on Sunday. Also, a presentation was made to U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sergeant, David Moore, of six large boxes of toys that were collected by the attending members for underprivileged children in the second annual "Toys for Teal" drive.

"Teal is off to its best start ever and all are excited to be part of the corps' 10th anniversary season," said Blackburn.