The following is the official statement released by DCM, Northern Illinois University, and Capital Regiment concerning the incident that took place at the NIU stadium the evening of July 12th.

Joint statement to DCM audience re: July 12 incident

Drum Corps Midwest has enjoyed a long and healthy partnership with our host school, Northern Illinois University. NIU is proud to host Drum Corps Midwest, and we are proud to perform at this fine institution.

Yesterday we had an incident that I know many of you have heard about... a dispute over field practice time escalated into an incident involving some NIU athletes and some members of the Capital Regiment of Columbus, Ohio. Some of the players ran through the corps , and two of them received minor injuries. Two of the individuals from the athletic program were arrested, one assistant coach was suspended, and the entire incident is under investigation.

DCM staff met today with the president and other top administrators at NIU, and we feel confident that this incident is being dealt with appropriately. Let me read to you from a public statement made by NIU President John Peters – quote:

"I am deeply disturbed by this incident and want to personally apologize to members of the Corps and their families. What happened was totally unacceptable, and I want to assure all involved that extremely serious measures have been and will be taken to ensure that those responsible are appropriately restrained and disciplined.

"We are very concerned about the health and well-being of the young musicians involved, and I want to assure them and their families that the university's first and foremost concern is their welfare.

"We are honored to host this wonderful competition here at NIU, and hope that we can put this incident behind us. We wish all of you good luck, and send our best wishes to you for a successful competition."

On behalf of DCM, my staff and I echo those sentiments... If any of you have questions or concerns you would like us to address, I hope you will feel free to contact me or any of may staff.

Thank you for your attention... and now, let's get on with the 24th annual Drum Corps Midwest championships!