Drum corps shows continue to win over new fans in 2003, as evidenced by the show last night in Ogden, Utah, which won over the father-and-son team of Jason (age 31) and Tristan (age 6) Egan of Plain City, Utah. "It was really exciting," Jason Egan said, after watching the Blue Devils (87.25) defeat the Phantom Regiment (84.25) and Santa Clara Vanguard (83.20). "Tristan thought it was fun! He loved the Blue Devils, and he couldn't stop shouting 'Encore!'" Jason was introduced to drum corps through, of all things, a business relationship with Ricky Fritzsching, DCI.org's senior Web developer. Fritzsching had worked with Jason's company, CFDynamics, before. Jason is the vice president of that company, which began hosting DCI.org in early May. "DCI.org is rock-solid, from a hosting perspective," Fritzsching said. "Jason and his staff treat us like kings. And we're proud to have introduced Jason and Tristan to the wonderful world of drum corps." Although Jason had a vague idea of what drum corps was before last night, the Ogden show was Jason and Tristan's first full taste. But now, Jason and Tristan are already planning on introducing the rest of the Egans to the drum corps universe. "We are planning on taking the rest of the family next time," Jason said.