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Old friends

Old friends

by Drum Corps International

Dustin Shahidehpour submitted this photo and caption.

This is a photo of just a small group of the people from Naperville, Ill., who marched in drum corps this past summer. It was awesome to catch up with all of these guys at the end of the World Championships!

From the left: Sam Page (bass drum '08, '09), Dustin Shahidehpour (front ensemble '07, '08, '09), Eric Larson (euphonium '07, '08), Adam Barr (tenor drums '07, '08, '09), Matt Rice (tenor drums '06, '07, '08), Andy Hull (snare '05, '06, '07, '08), Travis Batzel (bass drum '07, '08, '09), and Tom Moffitt (front ensemble '07, '08, '09).

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