Erika Tapia submitted this photo and caption.

My name is Erika Tapia, and I marched as a member of three different corps during my six-year drum corps career. I finally "aged out" as a member of Pacific Crest in 2005. I wanted to share this photo of some online friends that I met for the first time at the 2007 DCI World Championships at Rose Bowl Stadium.

I first met Arnold (who marched as a member of the Bluecoats) on three years ago and have kept in touch with him via instant messaging. He introduced Clarissa (who marched as a member of Boston Crusaders) to me by instant message and we have all been friends ever since. This year, we all met for the first time together for Clarissa's "age-out" year.

Left to right: Arnold Haffner, me, and Clarissa Mata.