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The Drum Corps International World Championship Open Class Quarterfinals in Michigan City, Ind., established the 17 corps that are moving on to Bloomington, Ind. to perform in the Open Class Semifinals on Friday.
Blue Devils B (1st, 95.150) won both Effect captions, Visual Ensemble, Music Ensemble and tied for high Percussion. The corps took 2nd in Visual Performance and Brass, and 5th in Color Guard.
Vanguard Cadets (2nd, 93.800) won Visual Performance and tied for high Percussion, tied for 2nd in total Effect (4th in Visual and 2nd in Music), 2nd in Music Ensemble, 4th in Brass, 5th in Visual Ensemble and 6th in Color Guard.
Jersey Surf (3rd, 93.550) won Color Guard and Brass and would have tied for 2nd place overall had the Percussion score not been 0.50 (0.25 as counted toward the final score) behind the Percussion score of the Vanguard Cadets. The 0.25 advantage over Vanguard Cadets in total Visual was mostly offset by the 0.20 deficit in total Effect, which came in 3rd. (Only Effect Visual and Effect Music are not divided in half before being added to the final score).
Teal Sound (4th, 92.400) tied for 2nd in total Effect and was 3rd in Brass, but was brought down by a 6th place finish in Percussion and 7th place finish in Visual Performance and Music Ensemble.
Oregon Crusaders (5th, 92.025) was 3rd in both Ensemble captions (Visual and Music), but was 6th in Brass and 7th in Effect Music.
Spokane Thunder (6th, 89.400) was 8th in Percussion and 10th in Music Ensemble, but 6th in all other captions.
Citations (7th, 89.300) took 2nd in Color Guard and 3rd in Visual Performance. Most other captions were 5th through 8th, and due to taking 5th in both Brass and Music Ensemble, the total Music was in 8th place, despite a 16th place Percussion score.
Revolution (8th, 86.225) tied Oregon Crusaders for 5th in Percussion, but was 11th in Color Guard, 12th in Visual Performance and 14th in Effect Visual.
Raiders (9th, 84.950) took 7th in Percussion, but was also 12th in three captions (Effect Music, Color Guard and Music Ensemble) and 13th in Visual Performance.
Dutch Boy (10th, 84.750) had caption placements from 9th through 11th.
Memphis Sound (11th, 84.200) had a high caption placement of 8th in Music Ensemble and a low caption placement of 13th in Effect Visual.
Yamato (12th, 83.600) had caption spreads from 8th (Visual Ensemble and Color Guard) to 14th in Effect Music and 15th in Music Ensemble.
Velvet Knights (13th, 61.700) took 12th in total Effect, 15th in total Music and 16th in total Visual.
Spartans (14th, 81.625) was 9th in Percussion, but 15th in Brass, Visual Effect and Visual Ensemble, and 16th in Visual Performance.
Legends (15th, 81.575) was 9th in Effect Visual, but 16th in Effect Music and 17th in Music Ensemble.
7th Regiment (16th, 78.025) was 15th in total Visual and 17th in total Effect and total Music.
Impulse (17th, 77.500) made the last spot in the Open Class Semifinals with 14th in total Music, 19th in total Effect and 18th in total Visual with a caption low of 21st in Color Guard.
Colt Cadets (18th, 76.125) was 16th in total Effect (0.70 above Impulse), 17th in total Visual (0.10 above Impulse) and 18th in total Music (2.175 under Impulse).
Racine Scouts (19th, 74.300) was 17th in total Effect and 19th in both total Visual and total Music.
Str?¤ngn?¤s (20th, 71.050) was 20th in total Effect, total Visual and total Music. Str?¤ngn?¤s is not competing in the International Division, as the corps met all criteria for DCI Open Class competition, including age requirements.
Les Stentors (21st, 68.275) was 21st in total Effect and total Music and 22nd in total Visual.
Spirit of Newark/New Jersey (22nd, 67.450) was 21st in total Visual and 22nd in total Effect and total Music.
In the International Division Beatrix scored 86.200.