The Oregon Crusaders would like to announce their relationships with the Pro-Mark Corporation (out of Houston), while the corps is pleased to announce that they are proudly wearing new Stanbury uniforms this year. "We hope this will be the next step in a relationship between our two organizations and that it will further advance the stature, success and reputation of both. The Pro-Mark people have been very easy to work with and very willing to meet all of our needs this year," said executive director Bill Perkins. The corps' percussion caption head, Ronnie LaGrone, said, "The quality and workmanship of the Pro-Mark equipment is the best out there and we are very happy to be using them this year!" "We are very pleased to be working with the Oregon Crusaders this year and look forward to their success. We believe that this new sponsorship will provide benefits for both Pro-Mark and the Oregon Crusaders. All the staff at Pro-Mark wish the Oregon Crusaders the best of luck on their road to their first DCI World Championships," said Staci Stokes, director of education with Pro-Mark. Regarding uniforms, Perkins said that the Stanbury partnership was a natural progression. "The corps has undergone major changes this year and we wanted the best for our kids. Stanbury Uniforms met that demand. Their friendly family atmosphere and wanting to meet our needs were the reason we choose Stanbury Uniforms," Perkins said. The corps' visual coordinator, Mike Leone, said, "I am very pleased with the design, construction, quality and look of our new uniforms." "Having the opportunity to provide uniforms for the Oregon Crusaders is exciting for our company," said Stanbury CEO Gary Roberts. "The excitement generated in seeing our product showcased by this prestigious corps is truly what makes our role in the industry worthwhile."