From an Oregon Crusaders press release: Oregon Crusaders is pleased to announce that Philip Marshall has been named as the corps' executive director. Marshall began his arts education career as show designer, color guard choreographer and arranger at Franklin Central High School in Indianapolis before going to medical school and moving to Portland for a career in surgery.

Oregon Crusaders at the 2006 DCI World Championships in Madison, Wis.
Since then, Marshall has focused his career on giving consumers greater access to their own health information and developing tools to help consumers make better health care decisions. He serves as the vice president of product strategy for WebMD. "The addition of Dr. Marshall in the role of Executive Director will help to ensure that our near-term 2007 plan and our long-term strategic plans continue to grow the organization as a leading youth performing arts organization in Oregon," said John Wilson, president of the
Oregon Crusaders' board of directors.