Ashley Asel submitted this photo and caption.

This photo was taken in the parking lot after the Winter Guard International Orlando Regional for percussion. After the WGI Color Guard Orlando Regional, my best friend and I headed over to the percussion show to support our fellow Teal Sound members. The next day, some of the guys came to support us at the guard finals. It was great to see our friends again and to also represent Teal Sound in three World Class WGI organizations: Infinity, Timber Creek Independent, and the Knights

Left to right: Tony Camarano (cymbals, '08), Matthew Manning (cymbals, '07), Yarnell Stallworth (snare '07, '08), Ashley Asel (color guard, '07, '08), Alain Brodeur (tenors, '08), Shannon Sullivan (color guard, '07, '08), Zac LaFrance (bass, '08), Sean Krauth (front ensemble, '08).