From a Carolina Crown press release: In keeping with the progressive development of the past two years, it is with excitement and pleasure that Carolina Crown announces the percussion team for 2005. "With the earlier announcement of Brian Tinkel (arranger/caption director) joining the corps design team, we can now name the complete percussion faculty", said Crown program coordinator Jim Coates. "Our goal entering into 2005 is to solidify, elevate and enhance the experience of the percussion section in terms of both education and performance. With that, we looked to a more devoted, unified presence from the new arranger (Tinkel) and a commitment for renewed excitement and aggression from the caption supervisor (Jeff Queen). "Having Queen, who is currently pursuing a degree in percussion performance and composition at Butler University, return for his third consecutive year in this role adds much stability to the program. With Tinkel and Queen handling the day-to-day management of the section we have been able to secure a well educated and experienced Tech faculty," Coates said. Tinkel said, "Joining the team as front ensemble arranger and instructor is Seth Adams, currently completing degrees in music education and music performance at University of Massachusetts. Handling the technique for bass line for the fifth consecutive year is Teddy Holcomb, the man that mastered and directed the two gold medals in DCI's Individual and Ensemble bass drum ensemble. Ian Hale, having earned his degree in percussion performance at the University of Calgary, will instruct tenors. "The snare section will be lead by Luis Rivera, completing his bachelor of music education at the University of Central Florida. Rounding out the team is front ensemble specialist Chris Rapacki, who is finishing up degrees in music education and performance at the University of Massachusetts." Crown's executive director Kevin Smith notes, "Having this group of educators join our already devoted faculty fits right in with the organization's mission: Developing lifelong excellence in young people through a superior and challenging arts education experience." You can check out full faculty biographies at