Members of the Phantom Regiment, Crossmen and Cadets will be posting member diaries online through the summer. Most have already started their drum corps journaling. For the fourth consecutive summer, Phantom Regiment will be featuring its popular member diary. The entries will be published nightly, sent in by a PDA from the road. This summer's journalist will be Joe Huls. Huls is a fifth-year trumpet player who will age out this year. He is from Grand Rapids, Mich., and will be attending Central Michigan University as a music major in the fall.
He says, "I enjoy playing my trumpet, being with my girlfriend when I get to see her, teaching marching band and going to school." The girlfriend is Becky Finch, a second-year Phantom Regiment color guard member from England. The first member diary was published in 2001, when soprano player Dave Gilday brought his Palm Pilot on the road and offered to provide nightly updates. After the summer, Gilday donated his Palm Pilot to the corps so that the tradition could continue. Since "Dave's Diary" that year, there has been "Joni's Journal in 2002" and "Mike's Memoirs" in 2003. The same Palm Pilot has been used all three summers. The popularity of the journal has created competition for the position. Seven outstanding members formally applied to do the 2004 edition with many others expressing interest. It was a difficult decision, but Huls was selected for his experience, creativity, personality, writing ability and desire. He will be an excellent representative of Phantom Regiment. A sample of Joe's work is available at -- his review of the March camp. His daily entries will begin no later than Memorial Day weekend. To contact Joe, e-mail him at The Cadets, meanwhile, have eight members posting "Webmoirs" this season. These members (Matt Haines, Paula Hyman, Sarah Keeton, Sarah Paradis, David Poeschl, Jim Zulick, Laura Westmoreland and Colin Brown) began posting updates with winter camps. The Crossmen also have eight members posing "Webmoirs" this season. Members posting "Webmoirs" include Becky Terry, Bridget Benson, Joel Barnes, Joseph Delgado, Charlie Nesmith, Niel Burns, Jen Anderson and Jesse Sani.