Too bad Shostakovich never wrote a symphony that suggested "Engagement."Had the Russian composer penned such a piece, it surely would have fit into the Phantom Regiment's program on July 16 quite easily, when the corps serenaded a couple that became engaged at one of the corps' rehearsals.The engagement took place at Cordova High School in Memphis on July 16, where the Regiment was practicing."He called me about a month ago," said Phantom Regiment corps director Pat Seidling about how the proposal idea was first suggested by the groom-to-be.Seidling told the brass instructor to set the brass line up in an arc, and then to play "Fire of Eternal Glory." Wilson, who played mellophone for the Regiment in 1998, lead his bride-to-be out to the center of the arc, got down on one knee and proposed. "We are happy to be part of a long and happy life for them. We wish them the best, and hope that we can play at their 50th anniversary," said Phantom Regiment corps director Pat Seidling.