Members of the Phantom Regiment brass section will be performing this Saturday, April 29, with the Rockford Symphony Orchestra (RSO) at the Coronado Theatre in downtown Rockford, Ill. Long-time Rockford Symphony music director Steven Larsen requested the corps' presence more than a year ago. The 13 musicians will join the orchestra for the production of J?ˇn?ˇcek's "Sinfonietta," a piece known for its difficult and impressive brass demands. "I've long been an admirer of the Phantom Regiment and their commitment to high quality musical performance," Maestro Larsen said. "The J?ˇn?ˇcek "Sinfonietta" is the ideal chance for our audiences to experience the brilliance of their brass section (or at least 13 of their finest players) in a concert setting with the RSO. I can't wait!" Read more on

Members of the Phantom Regiment brass section at the 2005 DCI World Championships in Foxboro, Mass.