The Phantom Regiment scored an 88.00 tonight in Murfreesboro, putting the Rockford/Love's Park, Ill.-based corps in the lead tonight ahead of the Glassmen (87.95), Bluecoats (86.05) and Crossmen (84.55). The Regiment show this year is an all-Shostakovich program consisting of parts of the Russian composer's seventh and tenth symphonies, as well as parts of his second piano concerto. The music is organized into four sections: "Oppression," "Introspection," "False Hope," and "Victory and Celebration." The Russian theme is emphasized in some sections by the guard using sickles, and later in the program with red flags.Overall, Phantom director Pat Seidling is pleased with the Regiment this year. "Things are going very well. We're happy with a lot of the segments of the corps and the show. We're very pleased with the music and we're very pleased with the guard performance level, and we're really happy with the brass and percussion," Seidling said.