From a Phantom Regiment press release: The Phantom Regiment will hold a "snare drum camp" from June 4 to June 6, 2004, at Rockford College in Rockford, Ill. The purpose of the camp is to give young drummers who are serious about playing rudimental snare drum at a high level a place to immerse themselves among some of the best teachers and players in DCI. With the addition of Paul Rennick the Regiment's percussion program, we are now meeting many young talented drummers whose goal is to perform in a top-level snare line. Their local school bands may not have other drummers at their level to continually challenge them, and perhaps standard drum line camps are too diverse to give these drummers direct one-on-one intense attention. That's what this camp will do. The chance to immerse themselves in serious snare drumming, while also having a chance to work with Paul Rennick and his team and drum side-by-side with Phantom Regiment's snare line is an exciting opportunity for any person serious about rudimental drumming.
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