From a Phantom Regiment press release: The Phantom Regiment is proud to be hosting its first Drum Major Camp, June 3-7, held in conjunction with the corps' spring training camp. The Drum Major Camp will take place on the campus of Rockford College and is geared toward the training of high school drum majors in the Phantom Regiment approach. "We take a different approach than many drum corps and bands in that we train and encourage our conductors to do more conducting and less time-beating than in many bands and drum corps," said Dan Farrell, program coordinator of the Phantom Regiment. Farrell also is coordinating the curriculum for the Drum Major Camp and has assembled an impressive staff for this camp. Galen Karriker, assistant director of bands at University of Akron and a former conductor and snare drummer for the corps, will be the principal clinician. Helping Karriker as featured clinician will be John T. Madden, associate director of bands at Michigan State University, also an alumnus of the corps. Madden is a former soprano player and served as a member of the brass staff for several years. "I'm eager to work with the young conductors who have chosen the
Phantom Regiment Drum Major Clinic as a place to develop their podium
Skills," Madden said. "The Regiment (back in 1983 and 1984) was an incredible place for me to develop musicianship while further learning the craft of the marching music ensemble. I use these skills every day as the director of the Spartan Marching Band at Michigan State University. I'm delighted to give back to my corps, as they did so much for me. The students that will attend our clinic are in for a specialized approach to conducting, leadership and drum major training. Above all, we'll work them hard, and insist on fun!" The camp will emphasize conducting lessons over all else, with additional classes in musicianship and leadership. In addition, the students will spend time with percussion arranger Paul Rennick learning about relating to the marching percussion section, and be given instruction on how to assist the band director in marching instruction by Chad Dempsey, a band director and veteran member of the corps' visual staff. "We are confident that this camp will offer the students unique lessons that will make them extremely valuable to their programs in the fall," said Phantom Regiment director Pat Seidling, who also is serving as camp director. "Working side by side with past and current Regiment conductors, taking their meals with the members of the 2003 Phantom Regiment and even attending a corps rehearsal or two, this camp gives them an invaluable experience." More information