From the Phantom Regiment Web site: The Phantom Regiment Winter Guard will host a hands-on educational session on Saturday, Jan. 13, at Milton High School in Milton, Ga. With this session, the corps looks to provide an educational opportunity for staff and members of color guard units in the Milton area. The clinic will also include an evening session where units can perform their 2007 production and receive feedback from some of the top names in the color guard activity.
"As part of continuing our quest to provide educational opportunities and to serve more students, we have added a color guard clinic. This adds to our current educational drum major and snare drum camps," said Phantom Regiment Corps Director Rick Valenzuela. "We also are looking at adding a color guard camp and an additional drum major camp during this summer. By providing these additional opportunities to learn, we are able to expand the number of students we can serve during the year beyond just the 135 members that march in the drum corps." Learn more at