This weekend, the drum corps world is split down the middle – half of the nation's corps are competing in the high altitude of Invesco Field at Mile-High in Denver at the Drums Along the Rockies contest, while the other half is competing 1,750 miles away at the Eastern Classic at the University of Pennsylvania's Franklin Field in Philadelphia. "1,750 miles is the distance between two incredible events this weekend. While the members and staff of the corps are working hard to achieve the ultimate performance experience by season's end next week, fans are intrigued by the constant change in rankings at all levels. This is hands-down the most depth we have seen in the performance level of corps in a season, and in all Divisions. If you are a fan of competition in marching music, this is your year. If you're not one to get caught up in the competition, but merely enjoy great drum corps performances, this is your year as well. You have to find a way to get to Madison, the corps in all divisions are going to raise the bar on what focused young people can do with a marching musical performance. If you can't get to Madison, we'll do our best to keep you in the action all week at," said Drum Corps International Executive Director Dan Acheson."It's exciting that there's a regional in Denver and that the fans there have a chance to see a show this late in the season," said Dave Gibbs, Blue Devils corps director. The Blue Devils will perform in Philadelphia on Saturday. "It's also great that West Coast fans will have a chance to see a show relatively close by this late in the season too," Gibbs said. Besides the Blue Devils, the Philadelphia lineup includes the Kiwanis Kavaliers, Madison Scouts, Carolina Crown, Spirit, Seattle Cascades, Bluecoats, Crossmen, Boston Crusaders, The Cadets and Glassmen. The Kiwanis Kavaliers step off at 7:30 p.m.The Denver lineup includes the Pioneer, Southwind, Troopers, Blue Knights, Colts, Santa Clara Vanguard, The Cavaliers and Phantom Regiment. Pioneer steps off at 7:30 p.m.