From a Pioneer press release: Pioneer is offering a valuable outreach program to the greater Milwaukee community, as well as the corps community, by assisting volunteers in obtaining a Wisconsin Commercial Drivers License (CDL). Pioneer provides free formal training to aid volunteers in passing the written examination and road test to become certified commercial vehicle operators. In addition to the instructional aspects of the training initiative, the program also includes use of the organization's touring vehicles for practice and testing purposes, as well as financial assistance with all associated licensing fees. In exchange for this valuable training and financial aid, course participants serve as volunteer drivers for the corps summer tour. The final component of the program includes aiding the newly licensed drivers to obtain future employment as commercial vehicle operators, by providing future employment references for their course participants. Course volunteers submit a 100 percent refundable "good-faith fee deposit" (which is optional), showing their commitment to the program, and then attend a two-hour study and training session, one day per week, until they have passed the written examination and have obtained the necessary CDL permits that allow them to practice driving for the road test. With Pioneer's assistance, generally speaking, most participants are able to obtain the CDL permit after attending two or three classroom sessions. Participants then schedule the road test based upon their individual development and level of comfort and confidence with their driving skills. After completing their volunteer driving commitment, the "good-faith fee deposit" is returned, along with a certificate of completion of the course and a written letter of reference for employment purposes.    Corps director Bobby Lindsey said, "This is a win-win situation for everyone involved. This initiative gives us the opportunity to provide a valuable service to those people in the community looking to pursue careers as professional drivers, while also ensuring our ability to maintain an adequate staff of licensed and qualified drivers for our organization. It's a chance for our corps to give back to the community that has helped to support Pioneer since 1961." Lindsey stated; "Our corps founder and executive director (Roman Blenski) has often commented on the fact that our corps serves not only the youth of our society, but also many of the adult volunteers that receive equal amounts of self-fulfillment by being a part of Pioneer. Now we're also able to offer them valuable skills that they can use to aid them in their personal lives, as it relates to employment opportunities." Pioneer is excited to welcome their course graduates to the world of competitive drum corps, and is equally excited to help them pursue and achieve their personal goals toward productive careers in the commercial driving industry. For more information contact the corps director: 414.702.0175 .