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The 2003 Glassmen front ensemble and
This is the 2003 Glassmen pit after DCI Semifinals. Front and center is our beautiful pit tractor. The tractor has a long history at the Glassmen. She came to live with the corps in 1988, and corps lore has it that she was once used to mow the rehearsal field at G-West, the Glassmen rehearsal facility. She has served as the corps' pit equipment mover for more than 15 years now; she may not be the most glamorous pit vehicle around (no golf carts or ATVs here!), but as long as we treat her right, she gets the job done ... most of the time. Initially the tractor was known as the Red Ferrari (the corps played "Key to Her Ferrari" in 1989). She went through numerous repairs and repaintings over the years, and was retrofitted during the summer of 2003 to the gorgeous traditional Glassmen colors you see here -- complete with the traditional Glassmen G-force mounted on the grille. She is now lovingly known as Snapper. Former columnist Emily Tannert won a prestigious Society of Professional Journalists' regional Mark of Excellence Award (honoring the best of student journalism) for her series of "Etude" columns that ran on from late 2002 to late 2003.