Kelly Howell, who just completed her third and final year with the Crossmen cymbal line, sent in this one. "This past summer was something extra special due to the great friendships created between different drum lines. This is obviously a picture of Madison's plate line, and the Crossmen cymbal line (aka "Mad Men"). My good friend, TJ, marched in Madison's cymbal line this past summer, which is why our two lines got a chance to become friends. TJ and I both go to UMass-Amherst and march in the drum line here as well. "The line up is as follows: Greg, Dan, Ryan, Jeffrey, me (Kelly), my buddy TJ, Wink, Daniel, and Gabe. These pictures were taken by our wonderful techs, Sarah Helmuth and John Brehm. "TJ created this composite picture using the picture of our two lines, as well as the other picture off to the right. That's TJ and I on finals night. "What a great summer!" Thanks Kelly!
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