Now is your chance to highlight your percussion prowess as Drum Corps International gives you the opportunity to test your skills this summer as part of the World's Most Accurate Drummer contest presented by Beatnik Rhythmic Analyzers. This free competition is open to anyone and is kicking off this weekend at the DCI Eastern Classic in Allentown, Pa. July 7 and 8 before heading to the Atlanta, San Antonio and Indianapolis major events and Pasadena for Drum Corps International World Championships.

This is the rhythm that competitors will play in the contest. The Beatnik Rhythmic Analyzer will score contestants on how well they match the rhythm and tempo to the built-in metronome. An electronic screen measures each stroke and the time it occurred in relation to the beat of the metronome, and the analyzer can detect accuracy up to the nearest 512th note, so start practicing!

To enter the contest, simply stop by the World's Most Accurate Drummer booth in the festival marketplace at select DCI major events.

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