From the Glassmen's Web site: The Glassmen wrapped up a fully-loaded week of pre-season performances in the midst of their rigorous daily training for the upcoming summer tour. Before the corps even steps on the field for their first competition in Annapolis, Md. on Saturday, June 16, the corps will have performed six times in front of thousands of exuberant fans. The corps' first annual Celebrity Wait dinner at the end of May gave supporters of the corps not only a fun way to donate to the cause, but also a sneak peak at the 2007 corps. A few dozen members of the brass and percussion sections gathered in uniform at the gala, and gave the attendees a front and center show.

The Glassmen perform with members of the Brass Band of Columbus.
It wasn't long until the entire corps then boarded the buses on May 25 to travel to Indianapolis, Ind. to be a part of the legendary Indy 500 Festival Parade – one of the top three parades in the country – as the lead marching unit. The corps was able to put on a full concert performance for the grandstands, before turning and leading participants down two miles and past 300,000 people on the parade route. Thousands more viewers tuned in to watch the parade broadcast on ESPN2 later the same day. Read more about the Glassmen's pre-season preparations on