By Andy Dittrich
Capital Sound Pre-tour
Before we leave for tour, I would just like to clarify one thing: I make mistakes.

Andy Dittrich
Yes, it's true, I will at some point during tour, either falter, fail or fall. I will do everything possible to keep that from happening, and I will struggle to be the very best I can be as a member, leader and person. As is the nature of people, I will make mistakes. But I will also have to face the nature of a member, which is to falter at times, and the nature of a leader, which is much the same. I am three times as prone to error as the normal person, yet I need to be one-third as active in those tendencies, if not much less. Last weekend, Capital Sound pushed through 26 hours of rehearsal over a three-day period, with an 11-hour day followed by a 12-hour day. We were so great, and so dedicated, and accomplished so much. Now we are able to see the fruits of our labor on a tour that will provide us with the opportunity to be the very best drum corps, the very best individuals, and the very best leaders we can be. I will harbor no fear, I will face all challenges, I will push myself, and I will respect and love the members and staff who ask better of me, every day. It's a drum corps pledge, a dedication to family, perfection and cleanliness. Mistakes will never scare me, nor should they scare anyone else, because we have all of the knowledge we need to destroy them. Quote of the Week: "Don't worry dude, we'll get there ..." -- Mike Stone I'll be talking to you in 20 days, everybody! Wish me luck, and visit me on the road! Blink once, blink twice, blink again, and there's "Project!" Andy Dittrich is the center snare drummer for Capital Sound, and is a fifth-year member of the corps. In the fall, he will be attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, studying English. He'll be contributing weekly reports to through the summer.