Robert Flores submitted this photo and caption.

This photo is of members of the Texas A&M University - Kingsville "Pride of South Texas" Javelina Marching Band that have marched as members of or taught members of a drum corps. The school is located in Kingsville, Texas. This group represents 15 percent of the marching band, and someone has represented the University in a drum corps every year since 1996.

Front row (left to right): Matthew Hernandez (Crossmen 2005-2006, Colts 2007), Ernie Lopez (Crossmen 2007), Eugenio Castellanos, Jr. (Crossmen 2007), Lucio Gutierrez (Revolution 2003, Carolina Crown 2004), Valerie Vela (Revolution 2005-2006), Robert Flores (Phantom Regiment 2002, 2004, Revolution 2003), Virginia Vela (Revolution 2005-2006, Fever 2007), Alonzo Martinez (Bluecoats 2006-2007), Luis Melchor (Revolution 2003).

Middle row (in red jackets): Associate Professor Ron F. Schermerhorn III (Americanos 1998, Brigadeers 2003-2005) and his wife Akiko Schermerhorn (Syracuse Brigadeers 2003-2004).

Back row (left to right): Steve Gutierrez (Blue Devils 2006), Michael Valdez (Revolution 2002-2003, Crossmen 2007), Jaime J. Flores (Crossmen 2002), J.J. Rodriguez (Bluecoats 2006), Eduardo Bulnes (Santa Clara Vanguard 2006-2007), Rodrigo Leal (Madison Scouts 2006), Alex Mutz (Crossmen 2007), Marc Montelongo (Revolution 2007), Marco delaGarza (Trinity 2005, Revolution 2006), J.R. Silguero (Trinity 2005), Ricky Guerra (Bluecoats 2006), Chris Hinojosa (Blue Knights 2000, Revolution 2003, Carolina Crown 2004), Giancarlos Delgado-Braun (Fever 2003-2007), Sean Rosales (Revolution 2006), Kevin Garcia (Revolution 2006), Jonathan Garcia (Revolution 2006), Michael Serna (Revolution 2007), Arturo Rivas (Cavaliers 2007), and Alex Cavazos (Cavaliers 2007).

Not pictured: Amanda Montalvo (Revolution 2007), Noe Garcia (Crossmen 2007), Eli Lopez (Revolution 2002-2003), Andy "Chuy" Hernandez (Revolution 2000-2003), Sonny Martinez (Revolution 2002-2003), Kristy Garza (Blue Stars 2005), Gary Rule (Pioneer 2004, Blue Knights 2005-2006), Assistant Professor Randy Fluman (member, instructor and arranger for the Valiant Knights and Sky Ryders)