The following is a Q and A interview (conducted by e-mail) with Erin Rigelman, one of the few female snare captains marching in drum corps How old are you? Erin: I am Where is your hometown? Erin: Pickerington, How long have you played the drums? Erin: Going on 12 How long have you played snare? Erin: I've played marching snare for about six Where do you go to school, what are you studying, what do you want to do after school? Erin: I am a sophomore at the University of Michigan. I'm studying biopsychology. I'm not sure what I want to do after school, but I'll probably attend graduate school. Why did you march Bluecoats? Erin: I fell in love with the Bluecoats the first time I saw them in 1994, and I've never wanted to march anywhere Did you find it difficult to be a female drum captain? What specifically was difficult? Erin: It really was not difficult being the captain because I was a female. I was just one of the guys. Just like any other captain in any other line, I had to figure out what kind of chemistry the line had with each other, what worked and what didn't, and how to communicate with them. The guys were great, and they are some of my best friends; once we figured each other out, we clicked. And it was the best summer Are you returning to the Bluecoats in 2003? Erin: YES. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere Who are your favorite drummers? Who are your favorite other performers? Erin: I'm a really big fan of 311, so I definitely have to say Chad Sexton. As far as the marching idiom goes, though, I really look up to the staff at Bluecoats and the people I march with. They are the people I learn from.