This picture is from Geno Garrett (1975-1982 Vaquero's, Guardsmen and Madison Scouts).
I had to laugh at the picture of Tom Float still drumming away. And to answer the question posed in the headline, I can attest to the answer being "no." See, drummers are born with this gene in them that has them tapping away on everything, moving their legs at meetings, or bobbing their heads to the beat of even the most annoying song if it has a cool beat or good drums in it. What can I (we) say? It's the way it is.

I will be participating in the Madison alumni project this summer, and I have to get the chops back in shape. At our first camp, I was in a line of more than 20 snare drummers who could all play like monsters, especially the more recent ageouts. I couldn't let a cruise to Mexico interrupt practice to get my hands back in shape to play with this impressive group of great guys, so I practiced on the ship. People thought I was ... well, a hack!

Thanks Geno!