Kristina Lareau plays mellophone for the Spartans. "In Pueblo, Colo., this past week, the corps was housed at the location of the Division II & III contest. At the field we had to practice at, piles of long grass covered the entire field, almost as if the field were covered by hay.

Kristina Lareau of the Spartans
"It was impossible to line, much less march on. "Our director told us the field would need to be cleared off if we were to march on it. He had all 92 members of the corps raking and clearing off the tall grass. I don't know where he found the rakes. Ten minutes later, the field was clear. Then we lined the field and practiced. "It was a great example of teamwork. I've never experienced teamwork like that. We had an amazing rehearsal that day. The energy we have as a corps is incredible. It's moments like these that let us excel as a team."