The 2003 DVDs have been out for a while, and we're starting to get rave reviews from people who have already played them dozens of times! Gareth Skipp: Just wanted to congratulate you on a fine job producing the DCI Division II & III DVDs. Excellent and balanced coverage with all cameras. It is the best I have seen yet! Good job and thank you! Nick Daniele: I would just like to say that I am the happy owner of the 2003 DCI Division I Finals DVD set. I have to say -- Wow! This is by far money well spent. The production quality is just unbelievable. Thank you for doing a great job on capturing one of the greatest years in drum corps!

Bob Freese: I'd just like to let you know that I just received the 2003 Div 1 DVD set. I'm really impressed that you improve this set each year!

I've purchased the entire Legacy Collection and all your Division I finals interactive DVDs since they were available. Awesome -- as has been your customer service responses regarding my questions. I competed in drum corps 1960-1963 and have been a fan ever since. Please keep up the fantastic effort! You're on the leading edge! Keep it up, please! Purchase the 2003 Division I DVD set If you have feedback regarding the 2003 Division I DVDs, send it to Thanks!