By Allison Owen I hope that everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday season so far. I know the holidays are not about the gifts you give/receive, but I must say that I was very excited to see the DCI Finals DVDs under my tree on Christmas.

Allison Owen
Now that I've watched every top-12 corps in high angle and multicamera angle, listened to the percussion and color guard judge's tape on the top six corps -- as well as watched the top six percussion and guard video angles -- I can honestly say that I'm ready for this summer. I cannot wait for my first live drum corps show. If you haven't checked these DVDs out, you certainly should! With all of this drum corps that has been building up in my brain over the past week, I've received new inspiration to keep "reaching for the stars" and to become the best I can. Each time I watched a different show from finals I was inspired a little bit more to practice just a little bit harder to reach my goals. Now all I can do is keep practicing and preparing myself for auditions. So this week I'm looking forward to my auditions in Memphis. I'm not sure what it will lead to, but I am going to get the most out of this audition and have a good time as well. Just as I've said before: If you're going to be at the audition, please stop me and say hey; I love meeting new people who are into drum corps. I've said this a lot and I'm going to say it again: I know that getting cut from your first choice drum corps isn't easy, but you have to keep working just as hard -- if not harder -- to reach your goals or make new ones. Best of luck to all of you out there who are looking for a home, I know it isn't easy. Feel free to e-mail me anytime, I enjoy hearing stories of those who are living their drum corps dreams just like I am.

Everyone have a great week and enjoy the new year. Check back next week to see how the Memphis Sound auditions go for me -- maybe you'll even see a new picture.
Allison Owen is a sophomore at Science Hill High School in Johnson City, Tenn., who plans to audition for a corps in November. "I'm in the SHHS guard and I like writing, dancing, performing, traveling, photography and having fun. As for after high school/college, I don't know what I want to do ... I just know I would like to do something dealing with color guard, computers or writing," Owen said.