Adding 3.45 to the corps' total score from Denver one week earlier, the Cadets (1st-95.125) passed up Blue Devils (2nd-94.825) by .3 to lay claim to big momentum leading into the Drum Corps International World Championships this coming week in Pasadena, Calif. Blue Devils, who added 2.275 to their score from Indianapolis, took General Effect (GE) Visual, Visual Performance, Music Ensemble and Percussion while the Cadets took General Effect Music, Visual Ensemble, Color Guard and Music Brass. (Granted, we're comparing advances in scoring from two different shows the previous week, but hey, this late in the season, it can't be helped.) With each corps taking four captions, the biggest glaring scoring differential was in Color Guard, where Blue Devils finished third behind the Cadets and Santa Clara Vanguard, .5 behind the Cadets' line. (Remembering that only the General Effect captions are not divided in half for the final raw score, this caption alone accounted for .25 of the .3 spread between the corps.) Blue Devils were up by a tenth of a point in the combined music captions, but the Cadets enjoyed a .2 spread in GE and the combined three visual captions. Bluecoats (3rd-92.075) walloped Santa Clara Vanguard (4th-90.675) by 1.4 largely on the basis of a 1.0 timing penalty assessed to the Vanguard. Bluecoats were only .1 behind the Cadets and .1 in front of Blue Devils in Music Brass, were fourth in Visual Ensemble and Color Guard and third in everything else. While Santa Clara Vanguard's second place color guard score was only .3 behind the Cadets, Bluecoats' fourth place color guard score was down to the Cadets by .8. Both Bluecoats and Santa Clara Vanguard had similar increases in score from the past weekend; Bluecoats adding 2.325 and Vanguard 2.25. That penalty throws things somewhat out of perspective. Blue Knights (5th-88.625) and Glassmen (6th-84.425) made it easy for recap analysis tonight, score fifth and sixth respectively in every caption across the board. While the Blue Knights added 2.625 from their score the weekend before, Glassmen added 3.015. Crossmen (7th-84.425) added 3.4 to their score from Denver, taking a hit in Music Ensemble (ninth, 1.2 under Glassmen's score), placing eight in Visual Performance and Color Guard and seventh in all other captions. Cascades (8th-79.875) edged Troopers (9th-79.850) by only .025, seeing the spread of 1.975 between the two corps in Denver all but evaporate. While Cascades' score went up by an impressive 4.325 from Denver, Troopers' score went up an astounding 6.275 from the same show. Keep in mind that in Denver, Cascades' show went up .725 while Troopers were the only corps that earned a lower score than the week before, dropping .375. Cascades earned seventh in Color Guard but 10th in GE Music and ninth in Visual Performance. The corps was eighth in all other captions. Troopers were more jumbled in caption placements, taking seventh in Visual Performance and Music Ensemble, eighth in GE Music, ninth in GE Visual, Visual Ensemble and Music Brass and 10th in Color Guard and Percussion. Mandarins (10th-77.100) placed ninth in GE Music and Color Guard and 10th in all other captions, picking up 3.95 points compared to their score in Denver.