The DCI World Championship Semifinals on Friday, August 12, 2011, brought together the top 25 corps from the 41-corps preliminaries the day before. Three of those corps were from the Open Class.

Please note that when looking at the scoring recaps, all judges' sheets, including General Effect, are divided in half before being added toward the final score. This is due to the use of two Visual Effect and two Music Effect judges. Keep in mind, however, the Effect averages are not divided in half before being added to the final score, while all the other captions are. Therefore, when it is mentioned that one corps' caption (other than GE) was 0.80 down to another corps' caption score, it really means that spread was worth 0.40 in the final overall score.

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The top 18 corps finished in the same placement as in the Prelims.

The Cadets (1st-97.80) received a perfect 20.0 from one Music Effect judge on the way to winning both Visual Effect and Music Effect. Visual Performance and Music Ensemble took 1st and Visual Performance and Music Ensemble took 2nd. Percussion was 3rd, 0.30 under 1st place Cavaliers and Color Guard took 3rd, 0.50 under 1st place Blue Devils.

Blue Devils (2nd-97.30) took 1st in Visual Ensemble and Color Guard, 2nd in Visual Effect, Visual Performance, Music Ensemble and Percussion, 3rd in Brass and 4th in Music Effect. The most noticeable change in score was Visual Performance, which increased 0.60 over the Prelims.

The Cavaliers (3rd-96.90) took 1st in Percussion and 2nd in Music Effect and Color Guard. Visual Effect was 3rd as was Visual Performance and Visual Ensemble. Brass was 4th and Music Ensemble 5th, both down from 3rd in Prelims. Still, the corps maintained a 0.90 deficit to Cadets, the same as in the Prelims.

Carolina Crown (4th-95.65) was 1st in Brass by 0.10 and 3rd in Music Effect and Music Ensemble. Visual Performance dropped to 4th from 2nd in Prelims, while Color Guard and Percussion moved up to 4th from 6th and 7th. Visual Effect ended 5th, as did Visual Ensemble, both the same placement as in the Prelims.

Phantom Regiment (5th-93.95) was 4th in Visual Effect, Visual Ensemble and Music Ensemble, 5th in Music Effect and Visual Performance, 6th in Color Guard and Brass and 7th in Percussion, the last two captions slipping one spot each from the Prelims.

Santa Clara Vanguard (6th-92.20) was 5th in Color Guard and Percussion, both dropping from 4th in Prelims. Visual Performance and Visual Ensemble took 5th and Visual Effect, Visual Performance and Visual Ensemble 6th. Music Effect and Music Ensemble finished 7th and Brass was 8th, up from 11th in the Prelims.

Bluecoats (7th-91.60) was 5th in Brass, 6th in Music Effect, Music Ensemble and Percussion, 7th in Color Guard, (up from 10th in Prelims), and 9th in Visual Effect, Visual Performance and Visual Ensemble, the latter two down from 7th in Prelims.

Boston Crusaders (8th-90.35) was 7th or 8th in all captions except for 10th in Music Ensemble and 11th in Percussion, each of the last two captions down two placements from Prelims.

Blue Knights (9th-89.40) was 8th through 10th in all captions.

Madison Scouts (10th-88.35) was 8th through 10th in six captions, 11th in Color Guard and 13th in Percussion, both those last two captions up from Prelims.

Blue Stars (11th-87.00) was 9th in Percussion, 10th in Color Guard, and 11th or 12th in all other captions.

Spirit of Atlanta (12th-86.55) increased its score from Prelims by 1.05, the most of the top 18 corps. This increased the corps' cushion over 13th place from 2.55 to 3.15. Percussion was 8th, Music Ensemble 11th and all other captions 12th, except for 13th in Visual Ensemble, the only caption not in the top 12.

Glassmen (13th-83.40) was 14th or 15th in every caption.

Troopers (14th-83.20) was all over the board, from 11th in Visual Ensemble, (the only caption in the top 12), to 18th in Percussion.

The Academy (15th-82.65) was 12th in Percussion, the corps' only caption in the top 12. Brass and Music Ensemble took 13th and the remaining captions placed between 14th and 17th.

Colts (16th-82.25) was 13th in Music Effect and Color Guard and 15th through 17th in the remaining captions.

Crossmen (17th-81.05) was 14th in Visual Ensemble, 15th in Color Guard and 16th or 17th in everything else.

Pacific Crest (18th-77.75) was 18th or 19th in every caption except for 20th in Visual Ensemble and 22nd in Percussion.

Blue Devils B (19th-76.45) moved up from 21st by adding 1.30 to its Prelims score. Percussion was 17th and Visual Effect and Visual Ensemble 18th. All other captions were 20th or 21st.

Teal Sound (20th-75.75) was 19th in Music Effect, Music Ensemble and Percussion. Color Guard and Brass took 20th, and the remaining captions 22nd through 24th.

Mandarins (21st-75.70) was 23rd in Brass, 22nd in Music Ensemble and 19th through 21st in everything else.

Oregon Crusaders (22nd-75.15) had a wide spread of placements; 18th in brass to 24th in Visual Ensemble and Color Guard. Remaining captions placed 19th through 22nd.

Vanguard Cadets (23rd-72.85) was 22nd through 24th in all captions except for 25th in Brass.

Cascades (24th-72.20) was 22nd in Visual Performance and Brass and 23rd through 25th in all other captions.

Jersey Surf (25th-71.35) was 21st in Visual Ensemble, 23rd in Color Guard and 24th or 25th in the remaining six captions.

Judges for the DCI World Championship Semifinals were as follows:

Chief Judge – John Phillips

Visual Effect – Rich Kemp and Mike Stone

Music Effect – Joe Ellison and Glenn Fugett

Visual Performance – Juno Orefice

Visual Ensemble – Debbie Torchia

Color Guard – Robert Soloman

Brass Performance – Jeff Harper

Ensemble Music – Martin Griffin

Percussion Performance– J.J. Pipitone.

Contributing to this report: Christina Mavroudis, Ryan Cain.