Spartans and Memphis Sound took the Drum Corps International Division II & III World Championship honors today at Pasadena City College Stadium. In Division II, Spartans (1st-96.150) edged Jersey Surf (2nd-95.700) by just less than half a point. Spartans took top honors in General Effect (GE) Visual and all three Visual captions (Performance, Ensemble and Color Guard). Still, scores were really close in overall visual, as only .45 separated the two corps in that overall combination of captions. Spartans weren't lower than second in any single caption. Jersey Surf took all three music captions (Brass, Ensemble and Percussion), topping Spartans by .3 in overall music. Second in all visual captions and GE Visual to Spartans, the corps' lowest placement was third in GE Music, (but that was only .2 from Teal Sound's winning placement in the caption). Teal Sound (3rd-92.050) took first in GE Music, third in GE Visual, Visual Performance, Music Brass and Music Ensemble, and fifth in Visual Ensemble, Color Guard and Percussion. Blue Devils "B" (4th-90.875) was fifth in GE Music (by only .1 under Vanguard Cadets) and fourth in everything else. A .475 advantage over the corps' California rivals in Overall Music was the exact overall score the corps enjoyed over Vanguard Cadets. Vanguard Cadets (5th-90.400) were more spread around caption-wise, ending third in Visual Ensemble, Color Guard and Percussion, fourth in GE Music, fifth in Visual Performance, Music Ensemble and Brass and sixth in GE Visual. Raiders (6th-84.400) were fifth in GE Visual and sixth in everything else. In Division III, Memphis Sound (1st-90.550) edged Fever (2nd-90.450) by winning GE Music (.6 over Fever. The GE scores are not divided in half for the overall score as are all the other captions), Visual Performance and all three Music captions (Brass, Ensemble and Percussion), taking the combined Music captions by .3. Although Fever was second in all music captions, spreads by Memphis Sound of 1.0 in brass and .9 in music over Fever (remember those spreads are reduced in half for the overall score) kept the corps in the lead by a final spread of just .1. Third in Color Guard (1.1 under Fever) wasn't enough to drop the corps out of first. Fever took Memphis Sound by a full 1.0 in Visual GE, but was .6 down in Music GE. Firsts in Visual Ensemble (.4 over Memphis Sound) and Color Guard (1.1 over Memphis) helped to almost give the corps the title, ending just .1 under Memphis Sound. The corps wasn't lower than second in any other caption. Dutch Boy (3rd-84.425) was strong in Color Guard (second to Fever by .6 and .5 over Memphis Sound). Other captions were quite well spread around the board: The corps took third in GE Visual, GE Music and Visual Ensemble, fourth in Visual Performance and Music Ensemble, and fifth in Music Brass and Percussion. Despite being .9 down to Revolution in overall music, the corps stayed ahead of Revolution on the basis of a .6 advantage in overall GE and .5 in overall visual. Revolution (4th-84.225) was third in all music captions (Brass, Ensemble and Percussion) and Visual Performance, fourth in GE Visual, GE Music and Color Guard, and fifth in Visual Ensemble. Oregon Crusaders (5th-80.775) took fourth in Visual Ensemble and Music Brass, sixth in Percussion and fifth in all other captions. Impulse (6th-78.850) placed fourth in Percussion on the basis of being first from one percussion judge and sixth from the other judge. All other captions placed sixth.