Blue Devils B (1st-95.50) maintained its undefeated season by sweeping the General Effect captions (Visual Effect, Music Effect) and all three Music captions (Brass, Ensemble and Percussion). While the corps took 1st in Visual Performance, the other two Visual captions didn't fare as well, as the corps took 3rd in Visual Ensemble and 4th in Color Guard for 3rd in total Visual. Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets (2nd-94.70) took first place in only one of eight captions, Visual Ensemble. The corps took 2nd in both Effect captions and all three Music captions. The corps finished third in Visual Performance and Color Guard, but was able to hold on to 2nd place by a wide margin due to the Citations placing somewhat low in a few captions. Citations (3rd-91.75) took first in Color Guard (with a whopping 19.8, 1.8 over the next highest corps) and second in the other two Visual captions—Performance and Ensemble—to take first in total Visual; 0.60 ahead of SCV Cadets and 0.65 ahead of Blue Devils B. Visual Effect and Music Ensemble came in third, but Music Effect finished in 5th, Brass in 8th and Percussion in 11th. Teal Sound (4th-91.25) couldn't overtake Citations, despite being no lower than fifth in any single caption. Music Effect, Visual Performance, Music Ensemble and Percussion all placed fourth, with the other four captions finishing in fifth. Capital Regiment (5th-89.95) took third in Music Effect, Brass and Percussion, fifth in Visual Performance and Music Ensemble, sixth in Visual Effect and Visual Ensemble and eighth in Percussion. Raiders (6th tie-88.25) took fourth in Visual Effect, fifth in Percussion and sixth in Color Guard. Seventh place finishes were earned in Visual Ensemble and Brass, with Music Effect tied for seventh. Visual Performance was the lowest caption at eighth place. Revolution (6th tie-88.25) took second in Color Guard, besting all but Citations. Visual Performance and all three Music captions came in sixth. Music Effect tied for seventh and Visual Effect and Visual Ensemble finished in eighth. Oregon Crusaders (8th-87.95) dropped two places from the Semifinals, taking fourth in Visual Ensemble and Brass. Music Effect ended in sixth and Visual Effect, Visual Performance, Color Guard and Music Ensemble all took seventh. Percussion finished in ninth. Velvet Knights (9th-83.65) placed seventh in Percussion, ninth in both Effect captions, Visual Ensemble and Brass, 10th in Visual Performance and Music Ensemble and 11th in Music Ensemble. Legends (10th-81.95) were ninth in Visual Performance, 10th in both Effect captions, Brass and Percussion, 11th in Visual Ensemble and Music Ensemble and 12th in Color Guard. 7th Regiment (11th-81.35) was ninth in Color Guard and Music Ensemble, 10th in Visual Performance and Visual Ensemble, 11th in Music Effect, Visual Performance and Brass and 12th in Percussion. Memphis Sound (12th-80.65) was eighth in Percussion, 10th in Color Guard, 11th in Visual Effect and 12th in the other five captions. View a complete recap of scores from this event.