The DCI World Championship Open Class Finals on Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2011, was the first time all Open Class corps performed together, since the Prelims show the day before was rained out after just two corps performed. Both shows were held at Ames Field in Michigan City, Ind.

Since there were no Prelims results, the top 12 corps in the Finals were declared Open Class Finalists. Also, Yokohama Scouts and Jubal were announced not by their placement amongst all corps in Finals, but as the 1st and 2nd place International Division corps. But for the sake of this recap analysis; those two corps will be discussed according to how they appear on the official contest recap. Although the two International Division corps scored in the top 12, the 13th place Forte and 14th place Colt Cadets were declared 11th and 12th Open Class finalists and all remaining Open Class corps finished two positions higher in Open Class than they appear on the contest recap.

In the caption awards, Best General Effect and Best Percussion was won by Blue Devils B, with Oregon Crusaders being awarded Best Brass and Best Visual Performance, and Spartans taking Best Color Guard.

Please note that when looking at the scoring recaps, the two General Effect captions, Visual and Music, are added to the final score without being divided in half. The six remaining judges in the three Visual captions (Performance, Ensemble and Color Guard) and the three Music captions (Brass, Ensemble and Percussion) had their scores divided in half before being added to the final score. This is so the judges could work with 20 points each and not 10, which allows them to deal with tenths and not hundredths. (The two decimal places result when the scores are divided in half.)

All Open Class corps now proceed to Indianapolis, where they will compete head-to-head with the World Class corps in the DCI World Championship World Class Prelims.

View the complete recap of scores from the Open Class World Championship Finals.

Blue Devils B (1st-95.00) took 1st in both Visual and Music Effect, Music Ensemble and Percussion, the combined Effect score 0.50 above Oregon Crusaders. Since the corps placed 4th in Visual Ensemble and Color Guard and 5th in Visual Performance, scoring 0.50 under OC for 4th in total Visual, (compared to OC's 3rd place), the Effect gain and the Visual deficit were a wash. It therefore came down to the 0.30 gain in total Music, (where the corps was 2nd in Brass and 1st in the other two captions) to call the show by 0.30.

Oregon Crusaders (2nd-94.70) took 1st in Visual Performance and Brass, 3rd in Color Guard and Percussion and 2nd in every other caption. Despite being up in Brass by 0.20 to BDB, the corps was down in Music Ensemble by 0.30 and down in Percussion by 0.50, the 0.60 deficit in those combined Music captions accounting for the 0.30 total deficit to BDB once those caption scores were divided in half.

Vanguard Cadets (3rd-94.20) took 1st in Visual Ensemble and 2nd in Visual Performance and Color Guard. Percussion also took 2nd, while both Effect captions, Brass and Music Ensemble placed 3rd.

Spartans (4th-91.50) scored 19.2 in Color Guard, 0.70 above BDB. Visual Performance and Visual Ensemble both placed 3rd, with Visual Effect and Brass placing 4th. Music Effect was 5th, while Music Ensemble and Percussion took 6th.

Revolution (5th-89.25) was 4th in Music Effect, Visual Performance and Percussion, 5th in Visual Ensemble and Color Guard, 6th in Brass, 9th in Music Ensemble and 10th in Visual Effect.

Genesis (6th-86.85) was 4th in Music Ensemble, 5th in Brass, 6th in Music Effect and Visual Ensemble, 7th in Visual Effect, 8th in Visual Performance and Percussion and 11th in Color Guard.

7th Regiment (7th-86.15) was 6th in Visual Effect and Visual Performance, 7th in Visual Ensemble and Brass, 8th in Music Effect, Color Guard and Music Ensemble, and 10th in Percussion.

Yokohama Scouts (8th-85.35/1st-International Division) was 5th in Visual Effect, 6th in Color Guard, 7th in Visual Performance and Music Ensemble, 8th in Visual Ensemble, 10th in Music Effect and Brass and 11th in Percussion.

Music City (9th-84.80/8th in Open Class) took 5th in Music Ensemble, 7th in Music Effect and Color Guard, 8th in Brass, 9th in Percussion, 10th in Visual Performance and Visual Ensemble and 11th in Visual Effect.

Legends (10th-82.30/9th in Open Class) was 8th in Visual Effect, 9th in Music Effect, Visual Ensemble and Brass, 10th in Music Ensemble, 11th in Visual Performance, 13th in Percussion and 15th in Color Guard.

Raiders (11th-81.90/10th in Open Class) took 5th in Percussion and 9th in Visual Performance and Color Guard. Music Effect, Visual Ensemble and Brass placed 11th, Music Ensemble 13th and Visual Effect 14th.

Jubal (12th-80.20/2nd in International Division) was 10th in Color Guard, 11th in Music Ensemble, 12th in Visual Effect, Visual Performance, Brass and Percussion, 13th in Music Effect and 14th in Visual Ensemble.

Forte (13th-79.20/11th in Open Class) took 7th in Percussion, 12th in Visual Ensemble and Color Guard, 13th in Visual Effect, Visual Performance and Brass, and 14th in Music Effect and Music Ensemble.

Colt Cadets (14th-79.15/12th in Open Class) took 9th in Visual Effect, 12th in Music Effect and Music Ensemble, 13th in Visual Ensemble and Color Guard, and 14th in Visual Performance, Brass and Percussion.

Les Stentors (15th-72.10/13th in Open Class) was 14th in Color Guard, 16th in Music Effect and Percussion and 15th in all other captions.

Racine Scouts (16th-69.55/14th in Open Class) was 15th in Music Effect and Percussion, 17th in Music Ensemble and 16th in all other captions.

Blue Saints (17th-63.05/15th in Open Class) was 16th in Music Ensemble and 17th in all other captions.

Spirit of Newark (18th-56.60/16th in Open Class) was 18th in all captions.