Corps directors representing organizations in each of Drum Corps International's three competitive divisions, along with other affiliates, convened in Chicago this weekend (Sept. 29-Oct. 1) for their annual fall business meetings. Following brief introductions and general business discussions on Friday, Sept. 29, a committee was appointed by the Division I board to examine judging and the environment, atmosphere and structure surrounding every competitive event hosted by Drum Corps International. Also on Friday night, directors attended regional division meetings (Atlantic, Pacific, Central), to discuss show scheduling for 2007 in addition to other region-specific business. These sessions resumed during the morning of Sunday, Oct. 1. Representatives from 12 all-age corps that participated in 2006 Summer Music Games Tour events also met this weekend in a continued effort to increase the communication between the Drum Corps International office and corps which participate in DCI-sanctioned events.

Division I board members gather prior to the start of Saturday's session.
On Saturday, Sept. 30, the Division I board reconvened to an in-depth analysis and wrap-up highlighting the results of "Project Persona," a comprehensive corps member research study headed this summer by Boston Crusaders staff member and University of Wisconsin MBA candidate Chauncy Holder, along with Drum Corps International board liaison Steve Auditore. A multimedia presentation also was provided by the Drum Corps International marketing team to directors, highlighting the accomplishments of the past year and outlining future strategic marketing efforts. A Saturday afternoon session with the Division I board included discussion on a comprehensive new governance structure proposed during the April, 2006, board meeting in Dayton, Ohio. In this discussion, serious overall governance structure and participation review was evaluated, however, the wide-ranging proposal was not adopted in its current form, although there is anticipation that significant components of the proposal will be developed for future implementation. "We discussed ways to combat the challenges that Drum Corps International faces on an annual basis, including continuity of membership and representation, corps stability, board structure and the responsibilities of corps who are members of DCI. Though we chose not to act on this proposal, I'm hopeful that all of the elements will continue to be pursued," said Chairman of the Board Jeff Fiedler. "I think we would all agree after this meeting that the status quo is not necessarily something we are all happy with." The Division II & III weekend meeting agenda centered around a wrap-up of the 2006 season and on the 2007 Summer Music Games Tour to Pasadena, as well as several other general business items of specific interest to the Division II & III corps directors. An informative presentation and round-table discussion on daily schedules on the road was well received by those in attendance. The next Drum Corps International board meeting will take place in Atlanta from January 25-28, 2007 in conjunction with the annual instructor and Tour Event Partner seminars.