Here is a very brief look at the scores awarded to the 35 corps competing at the 2012 Drum Corps International World Championship Prelims, Thursday, Aug. 9. Blue Devils (1st-97.55) won every caption except Brass, in which they were under Crown by only 0.20. Carolina Crown (2nd-96.60) was 2nd in all captions except for 1st in Brass and 3rd in Percussion and Musical Analysis. Phantom Regiment (3rd-94.60) was 6th in Percussion and 3rd or 4th in all other captions, except for 2nd in Music Analysis. The Cadets (4th-94.05) were 2nd in Percussion, 3rd in Music Effect and Visual Analysis and 3rd or 4th in all other captions. Santa Clara Vanguard (5th-93.20) was between 4th and 6th in all captions, but was most surprisingly 5th in Percussion, after placing 1st against most corps for much of the season. Bluecoats (6th-92.25) were 4th in Percussion and 5th or 6th in everything else. The Cavaliers (7th-89.50) were between 7th and 10th in each caption. Boston Crusaders (8th-89.00) were between 7th and 9th in each caption. Madison Scouts (9th-88.55) were 7th to 9th in all captions except for 12th in Color Guard. Blue Knights (10th-85.85) were between 9th and 12th in each caption. Spirit of Atlanta (11th-85.20) was 10th to 12th in all captions. Blue Stars (12th-83.75) were 11th to 13th in all captions. Crossmen (13th-83.40) was 14th in Percussion and 11th to 13th in everything else. Glasssmen (14th-81.25) was 13th in Percussion and 14th or 15th in all other captions. The Academy (15th-78.95) was 14th in both GE captions and 15th to 16th in everything else. Pacific Crest (16th-78.95) was mostly 14th through 16th, but 17th in Brass and Percussion. Colts (17th-66.45) was as high as 16th in Color Guard and Brass and as low as 19th in Visual Effect and Music Analysis. Troopers (18th-76.35) was 16th in Percussion and had caption finishes in each 17th through 21st. Oregon Crusaders (19th-75.90) was 17th in Music Effect and two Visual captions, but 25th in Color Guard. Jersey Surf (20th-74.50) had a caption high of 17th in Visual Effect and a caption low of 24th in Percussion. Blue Devils B (21st-73.45) was 20th to 22nd in all captions. Vanguard Cadets (22nd-72.95) placed 20th to 24th in all captions. Mandarins (23rd-71.70) was 21st to 23rd in all captions. Spartans (24th-69.35) was 19th in Color Guard and 22nd through 26th in everything else. Cascades (25th-68.65) was 24th to 26th in all captions except for 28th in Percussion. Gold (26th-66.35) was 23rd in Color Guard and 26th through 29th in everything else. Pioneer (27th-66.20) was 25th through 27th in all captions, except for 33rd in Percussion. 7th Regiment (28th-64.50) had captions between 26th and 31st. Genesis (29th-63.50) was 23rd in Percussion and 27th through 32nd in the other captions. Legends (30th-63.40) was 28th through 30th in all captions. Music City (31th-62.85) was 26th in Percussion and 29th through 31st in the other captions. Raiders (32nd-61.05) was 22nd in Music Effect and 27th through 32nd in the other captions. Colt Cadets (33rd-57.95) was 32nd in Percussion and 33rd in all else. Les Stentors (34th-52.75) was 34th in all captions. Blue Saints (35th-49.10) was 35th in all captions. View a complete recap of scores from the World Championship Prelims. Read more about the results of this event.