Here is a look at the scores awarded to the 12 corps competing at the 2016 DCI  World Championship Finals presented by FGfactory on Saturday, August 13.

There are two judges each for General Effect (GE) 1, General Effect 2 and Percussion (one Ensemble Percussion and one Field Percussion), with scores from each of those pairs of judges averaged together for the total caption score. The scores of the two Effect captions are counted for full value, but each of the scores of the three Visual captions (Visual Proficiency, Visual Analysis and Color Guard) and three Music captions (Brass, Music Analysis and Percussion) are first divided in half, with each of those half scores added together for the Total Visual and Total Music scores.

Bluecoats (1st-97.650) took 1st in General Effect from all four GE judges, earning a 39.425 to Blue Devils’ 38.875 and Crown’s 38.850. The GE spread of 0.55 over Blue Devils, which wasn’t divided in half before being added to the total score, was for all practical purposes the deciding factor in the show. The corps took 3rd in Total Visual, 0.25 under BD and 0.10 under Crown. Bluecoats was 1st in Visual Proficiency, but 3rd in Visual Analysis and Color Guard, the latter caption 0.50 under BD (0.25 after dividing the caption score in half). The corps placed 1st in Total Music, 0.10 over BD and 0.087 over Crown, despite placing 2nd in Brass, 3rd in Music Analysis, and 2nd in Percussion. How did the corps still win Total Music? BD was 3rd in Brass and Percussion while Crown was 5th in Percussion, despite taking 1st in Brass and Music Analysis. Amongst the top three corps, Bluecoats’ minor deficiencies in Brass and Music Analysis were offset by BD being 0.20 down in Percussion, and Crown being 0.575 down in the same caption.

Blue Devils (2nd-97.250) took second in GE to Bluecoats and 1st in Total Visual (despite placing 3rd in Visual Proficiency). Even with Crown taking the Best Color Guard caption award (which is figured by the average of scores over all three nights of World Championship competition), BD’s guard won Color Guard by a whopping 0.50 over Bluecoats and 0.30 over Crown (remember that score is divided by half before it is added to the final score). Brass placed 3rd, 0.30 under Crown and 0.10 under Bluecoats. Music Analysis was 2nd and Percussion 3rd, 0.25 under Bluecoats and 0.35 under Vanguard’s winning score.

Carolina Crown (3rd-97.088) was 3rd in Total General Effect, 0.575 under Bluecoats. That and the corps’ 5th-place Percussion score sunk any chance of Crown taking the title. A high point for the corps included 1st in Brass and Music Analysis, but the 5th-place Percussion score brought the corps down to 2nd in Total Music. All three Visual captions (Proficiency, Analysis, and Color Guard) took 2nd, putting the corps 2nd in Total Visual.

Santa Clara Vanguard (4th-95.300) took first in Percussion, but placed 4th from all four General Effect judges, finishing a sizeable 1.40 under Bluecoats in GE. However, adding 1.40 to SCV’s total score would not have put the corps any higher placement-wise. Other than 1st place in Percussion and 5th place in Visual Analysis, Vanguard was 4th in every other caption.

The Cavaliers (5th-94.025) opened up a 1.263 spread over the Cadets on Saturday. In Semifinals, the total spread over the Allentown corps was just 0.550, and in Prelims, the corps placed behind the Cadets. Cavaliers received 5th from all four GE judges to finish 0.60 over the Cadets in Total GE, the same spread that the corps was under Vanguard in GE. 6th in Visual Proficiency, 5th in Visual Analysis, and 5th in Color Guard gave the corps 5th in Total Visual, 0.20 under SCV and 0.50 over Cadets. 5th in Brass, 6th in Music Analysis, and 4th in Percussion placed the corps 5th in Total Music.

The Cadets (6th-92.763) was 6th from all four GE judges, 5th in Visual Proficiency and Music Analysis, 6th in Visual Proficiency, Brass, and Percussion, and a surprising 8th in Color Guard, 1.10 under Blue Devils’ winning guard score. That was worth 0.55 in the total score, however, even if Cadets tied Blue Devils’ color guard score, the corps still would not have found the additional 1.262 points to have tied the Cavaliers.

Blue Knights (7th-90.738) was 7th in Total GE and 7th in Total Visual, despite being 10th in Visual Proficiency. (8th in Visual Analysis and 6th in Color Guard help raise that total caption.) Brass and Music Analysis also placed 7th, and Percussion placed 9th, for 7th in Total Music.

Phantom Regiment (8th-89.963) was 8th in Total GE and Visual Analysis, with a high point of 6th in Color Guard. Brass and Music Analysis took 7th, Percussion was 9th and Visual Proficiency 10th. That put the corps 7th in Total Visual and Total Music. The corps was evenly spaced between 7th and 9th place, scoring 0.775 under Blue Knights and 0.913 over Blue Stars.

Blue Stars (9th-89.050) finished 9th from all four GE judges, as well as in Brass and Music Analysis. All other captions finished higher; 7th in Visual Proficiency and Color Guard, and 8th in Percussion.

Crossmen (10th-86.975) took 11th in Total GE and Percussion. 8th in Visual Proficiency was the corps’ highest caption. All other captions finished in 10th.

The Academy (11th-86.100) was 10th in Total GE and Percussion, 12th in Visual Proficiency, and 11th in the other four captions.

Boston Crusaders (12th-84.800) was 11th in Visual Proficiency and 12th in all other captions, tying The Academy for 11th in Total Visual.