The audience at the DCI Southwestern Championship pres. by Fred J. Miller, Inc. in the San Antonio Alamodome witnessed Bluecoats maintain its undefeated streak while facing off with all 22 DCI World Class corps, gathered in one place head-to-head for the first time of the 2019 season.

In reading the following, please keep in mind that the scores for GE 1 (General Effect 1) and GE 2 are counted for full value, without being averaged. (Each GE caption is comprised of scores from two judges, and those two judges are averaged for each GE 1 and GE 2.) However, each of the scores of the three visual and three music captions are first divided in half, with each of those half scores added for the total visual and total music scores.

The overall Visual score is comprised of scores from three judges; Visual Proficiency, Visual Analysis, and Color Guard. The overall Music score is comprise of scores from four judges; one for Brass, two for Music Analysis, and one for Percussion. The two Music Analysis scores are averaged before being added to the overall Visual score and rounded up to the third decimal place if necessary so total scores aren’t taken out to four decimal places.

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Bluecoats (1st place – 91.213) kept its undefeated streak alive by 0.2, finishing 2nd to Blue Devils in GE and capturing only the Visual Proficiency caption in total Visual, the 3rd place finish in Color Guard, just 0.10 under BD, failing to sink the corps’ run of 1st place finishes. Brass placed 3rd, and Percussion finished 2nd with a 1st place finish in Music Analysis keeping the corps 0.3 over BD in total Music.

Blue Devils (2nd – 91.013) won GE over Bluecoats by just 0.075 and won total Visual over Bluecoats by the smallest of margins, a microscopic 0.025. What sealed 2nd for BD was finishing 4th in total Music, that aforementioned 0.3 spread under Bluecoats being greater than the total score deficit of just 0.2 to the winning corps. This was mainly due to placing 5th in Brass, under all remaining top-6 corps except Boston Crusaders.

Santa Clara Vanguard (3rd – 90.475) won Percussion and took 2nd in Brass and Music Analysis to place 1st in total Music. GE, total Visual and Visual Proficiency placed 3rd, the latter despite Visual Proficiency and Color Guard finishing 4th.

Carolina Crown (4th - 88.863) finished 6th in GE, but stayed ahead of Boston Crusaders by taking 1st in Brass, which brought up a 4th place finish in Percussion and 1st in Music Analysis so that total Music finish was 3rd. Although Visual Proficiency and Visual Analysis both ranked 3rd, a 6th place finish in Color Guard lowered the total Visual placement to 5th.

Boston Crusaders (5th – 88.513) won the Color Guard caption and took 4th in GE. Down from the other Visual caption of Guard, Visual Proficiency and Visual Analysis placed 5th. The corps’ most vulnerable captions were in Music, with 7th in Music Analysis, 6th in Brass, and 8th in Percussion.

The Cavaliers (6th - 87.500) took 5th in GE and total Music, but a 7th place finish in Color Guard and 6th in the remaining two Visual captions put total Visual in 6th. The corps’ highest finish was 4th in Brass, topping Blue Devils and Boston Crusaders.

Blue Knights (7th - 85.550) finished 8th in Brass and 8th in Color Guard, placing 7th in total GE and all other captions.

Blue Stars (8th - 85.225) had a high of 5th in Color Guard and lows of 8th in Music Analysis and 9th Percussion, finishing 7th in Brass and 8th in all other captions.

The Cadets (9th - 83.575) had the widest discrepancy of caption placements of any corps, taking 9th in GE and 8th in total Music and 10th in total Visual. But what created wide caption spreads was finishing 13th in Brass and 5th in Percussion.

Mandarins (10th - 82.175) finished 10th in most captions, with a high point of 8th in Color Guard and lowest placements of 12th in Brass and 14th in Percussion.

Crossmen (11th - 81.875) was 11th in GE, Visual, and Music, taking 9th in Visual Analysis and Brass and 11th in other captions.

Phantom Regiment (12th – 80.613) placed 12th in GE and overall Visual despite finishing 14th in Visual Proficiency and 13th in Color Guard. Overall Music was 10th due to placing tenth in both Brass and Percussion.

Spirit of Atlanta (13th - 78.875) finished 13th in all total captions and most individual captions, capturing 11th in Brass and 12th in Color Guard, but finishing 14th in Visual Analysis.

The Academy (14th - 77.513) placed 14th in GE, overall Visual, and 17th in overall Percussion. 12th place in Visual Proficiency was offset by 16th in Brass.

Colts (15th - 76.725) finished 16th in GE, and 15th total Visual and 14th in total Music. All individual captions placed 15th except for 14th in Brass and 12th in Percussion, the latter beating overall 10th place Mandarins.

Pacific Crest (16th - 75.200) was 15th in GE, 16th in total Visual with 16th in all three Visual captions, and 17th in total Music due to 15th in Brass and 18th in Percussion.

Madison Scouts (17th - 73.500) was 17th in GE and total Visual and 16th in total Music, with 15th in Percussion being the corps’ highest caption and 19th in Music Analysis its lowest.

Troopers (18th - 72.563) was 18th in all three total captions, placing as high as 16th in Percussion and as low as 20th in Brass.

Genesis (19th - 70.588) was 19th in total GE and total Visual and 20th in total Music, taking 16th from one of the two Music Analysis judges.

Music City (20th - 70.300) was 20th in GE and total Visual, and 19th in total Music due to taking 18th in Brass and 19th in Music Analysis, both over Genesis.

Jersey Surf (21st - 68.375) was 21st in most captions, taking 20th over Music City in Visual Analysis and Color Guard, still placing 21st in overall Visual.

Seattle Cascades (22nd - 64.900) was 22nd in all captions except percussion, where it took 19th. 

Guardians (1st in Open Class - 60.225) earned 1st in all captions.

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