After falling behind by just one tenth of a point last night in Prelims, Blue Devils jumped back ahead of Bluecoats by a similarly slim margin at the DCI World Championship Semifinals pres. by Earasers and InEarz Audio

When viewing the recap, there are two General Effect judges for each GE 1 and GE 2, the scores of the pair of GE 1 judges averaged and added to the score for the averaged pair of GE 2 judges. The overall Visual score is comprised of judges’ scores for Visual Proficiency, Visual Analysis, and Color Guard. The overall Music score is comprise of scores from four judges; one for Brass, two for Music Analysis that are averaged together, and one for Percussion.

View the Friday, August 9 DCI World Championship Semifinals scoring recap

Blue Devils (1st place-97.700) took an interesting path to 1st place, winning only Visual Proficiency and Visual Analysis. The Color Guard fell to 2nd behind Boston Crusaders, and the corps was 2nd in GE and Percussion. Brass took 3rd and Music Analysis 5th. It’s rather challenging to figure out how the corps won, but it all comes down to the 0.45 advantage over Bluecoats in total Visual, increasing the total Visual spread from 0.175 in Prelims. That total Visual score accounts for more than three times the 0.15 total spread over Bluecoats.

Bluecoats (2nd place-97.550) won GE by 0.10 over Blue Devils, but unlike Prelims when the corps also won Music Analysis, GE was the only caption Bluecoats won in Semifinals. 2nd places were earned in Visual Proficiency, Visual Analysis, and all three Music captions, Percussion up from 4th in Prelims. Color Guard placed 4th as it had in Prelims. If Bluecoats is to win Finals, the corps is going to have to figure out how to stave off a surging Blue Devils by increasing that 0.10 advantage in GE, and the corps needs to close up the 0.45 deficit in total Visual. Although Bluecoats are 2nd in total Music to BD’s 4th place finish, there is currently only 0.20 between the two corps in total Music, so that either needs to be maintained or firmed up.

Santa Clara Vanguard (3rd place-96.325) again took 1st in Percussion, but 4th in Brass and Music Analysis, placing 3rd in total Music to Carolina Crown’s 1st place. SCV took 3rd in GE, Visual Proficiency, and Color Guard, and 4th in Visual Analysis.

Carolina Crown (4th place-96.025) won total Music despite placing 4th in Percussion, 0.35 down to SCV in that caption. However, since the Percussion score is halved before being added to the total Music caption, that deficit in Percussion to SCV is only 0.175, less than the 0.225 advantage in total Music the corps enjoys over SCV. Where Crown is slipping to SCV is by scoring 0.275 lower in GE and 0.25 lower in total Visual, mainly due to placing 6th in Color Guard while SCV is placing 3rd. 3rd place in Visual Analysis and 4th in Visual Proficiency cancel out SCV’s 4th and 3rd in those same captions, so it’s up to the Color Guard to close up the 0.25 deficit to SCV in total Visual. Crown’s guard was 6th in Prelims and Semifinals.

The Cavaliers (5th place-95.213) took 3rd in Music Analysis, 6th in Visual and 5th in everything else. In Prelims the corps took 5th in Visual Proficiency and 5th in all other captions.

Boston Crusaders (6th place-93.413 with 1.00 penalty) captured 1st in Color Guard, 8th in Percussion, and 6th in all remaining captions. The advantage in the Guard score alone was 0.75, accounting for 0.375 of Crusaders’ advantage in total Visual. And Crusaders are 0.55 under Cavaliers in total Music and 0.55 behind in GE.

Blue Knights (7th place-92.625) was 8th in Color Guard and 7th in all other captions, seemingly owning 7th place with no expectations to move up or down.

Blue Stars (8th place-91.300) was 7th in Color Guard, 8th in GE, Visual Proficiency, Visual Analysis, and Brass, and 9th in Music Analysis and Percussion. In Prelims, the corps placed 10th in Brass. Like Blue Knights, the corps looks as if it owns its current placement.

The Cadets (9th place-89.800) took 6th in Percussion, but finished 11th in Brass, down four spots from 7th in Prelims. 8th place in Music Analysis was the corps’ second-highest placement, as the remaining captions placed 9th or 10th. Cadets now sit only 0.362 above Mandarins, after being 1.25 ahead in Prelims.

Mandarins (10th place-89.438) was 9th in GE, Color Guard, and Brass, 10th in the other two Visual captions and Music Analysis, and 12th in Percussion, up from 13th in Prelims. The corps’ advantage over Cadets in GE is 0.225, and its disadvantage under Cadets in total Visual is only 0.10. The corps is 0.487 under Cadets in total Music.

Crossmen (11th place-88.225) took 10th in Brass and 11th or 12th in all other captions, turning a 0.212 Prelims deficit in total score to Phantom Regiment into a 0.45 advantage in Semifinals, passing up Regiment in the process.

Phantom Regiment (12th place-87.775) slipped to 14th in Color Guard, took 10th in percussion, 13th in Visual Proficiency, and 11th or 12th in all other captions. Falling to 0.50 under Crossmen in total Visual accounted for most of the 0.55 deficit to the corps with which Regiment switched places. In Prelims Regiment was only 0.15 under Crossmen in total Visual.

The following corps are not advancing into Finals.

Spirit of Atlanta (13th place-85.587) was as high as 12th in Visual Proficiency and Color Guard, and took 14th in Brass. Percussion placed 15th and the remaining three captions placed 16th.

Pacific Crest (14th place-85.350) earned the corps’ highest placement ever by taking 13th in Brass and Percussion, 14th in GE, Visual Proficiency, and Visual Analysis, 15th in Music Analysis, and 16th in Color Guard.

The Academy (15th place-84.300) was 13th in both Analysis captions, 15th in GE, Color Guard, and Brass, 16th in Visual Proficiency, and 17th in Percussion, up from 18th in Prelims.

Colts (16th place-84.225) took 13th in Color Guard, 14th in Music Analysis and Percussion, 15th in Visual Proficiency and Visual Analysis, 16th in GE, and 18th in Brass, down from 16th in Prelims.

Madison Scouts (17th place-82.137) earned 16th in Brass and Percussion, 17th in GE, Color Guard, and Music Analysis, 18th in Visual Proficiency, and 20th in Visual Analysis.

Troopers (18th place-81.663) took 19th in Brass and 17th or 18th in the six remaining captions.

Spartans (19th place-80.350) took 17th in Brass, 19th in GE, Visual Proficiency, and Color Guard, and 20th or 21st in remaining captions.

Genesis (20th place-78.725) finished 19th in Music Analysis, 20th in GE and Brass, and 21st through 24th in all else.

Legends (21st place-78.400) took 19th in Percussion, 22nd in Visual Analysis, and 20th or 21st in all other captions.

Gold (22nd place-77.100) was 19th in Visual Analysis, 20th in Color Guard, and 22nd or 23rd in all remaining captions.

Music City (23rd place-76.650) was ¬24th in Color Guard, 25th in Visual Analysis, and 22nd or 23rd in everything else.

Jersey Surf (24th place-75.900) was 23rd or 24th in all captions.

Seattle Cascades (25th place-73.275) finished 23rd in Visual Analysis and 25th in all other captions.