On Friday, Aug. 1, and Saturday, Aug. 2, all 22 of Drum Corps International's World Class corps came to the same stadium for the third time this season, competing at the DCI Eastern Classic in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Since the Friday and Saturday events are considered to be one show in two parts with the same adjudication panel, the results from both days will be considered as being from one event.

Six corps broke 90 points in Allentown; only one more than had accomplished that feat at the DCI Southeastern Championship in Atlanta the previous weekend. The top 21 placements all had higher scores than the equal placements at last year's show—Only the 22nd place corps had a lower score.

There were two judges for GE 1, GE 2, and Percussion, with scores from each of those pairs of judges averaged together for the total caption score. The scores of the two Effect captions are counted for full value, but each of the scores of the three Visual captions (Visual Proficiency, Visual Analysis and Color Guard) and three Music captions (Brass, Music Analysis and Percussion) are first divided in half, with each of those half scores added together for the Total Visual and Total Music scores.

And, as has been done all season, we no longer refer to the General Effect captions as Visual GE and Music GE. Those captions are now known as General Effect 1 and General Effect 2, with each judge taking more of an overall view of every corps' entire show, not unlike how fans view a show.

There were some switches in placements from the DCI Southeastern Championship in Atlanta a week prior. Santa Clara Vanguard passed up Carolina Crown and Phantom Regiment passed up Blue Knights, those four corps re-establishing the order of finish from two weeks earlier in San Antonio. Madison Scouts passed up Blue Stars, after placing under their cross-state rival in both San Antonio and Atlanta.

Blue Devils remain undefeated, increasing their spread over the second-place Cadets to 1.675 up from 1.40 in Atlanta one week earlier and 0.675 in San Antonio two weeks earlier. The top 21 placements all had higher scores than the identical placements at the 2013 DCI Eastern Classic. Only the 22nd placement was lower than in 2013, by 2.20. The 5th place score was an astounding 3.425 points higher than in 2013 and the 6th place score 2.125 points higher.

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Blue Devils (1st, 96.825) remained undefeated earning the highest score ever achieved at the Eastern Classic. The corps also won all captions, up from five captions in San Antonio (and 3rd place in Percussion), and seven captions (all except Percussion) in Atlanta.

The Cadets (2nd, 95.150) were 2nd in General Effect 2, Visual Proficiency (down from 1st in Atlanta), Color Guard, and Music Analysis. The corps tied for 3rd in GE 1 and took 3rd in Visual Analysis and Brass. Percussion finished in 4th.

Bluecoats (3rd, 94.900) was 2nd in GE 1, Visual Analysis, Percussion and Brass, 3rd in GE 2, 4th in Music Analysis and Color Guard, and 5th in Visual Proficiency.

Santa Clara Vanguard (4th, 94.075) tied for 3rd in GE 1, and took 3rd in Color Guard and Percussion (the latter down from 1st in Atlanta). GE 2, Visual Proficiency and Visual Analysis took 4th, Music Analysis finished 5th, and Brass placed 7th, down from 5th in Atlanta.

Carolina Crown (5th, 93.425) took 3rd in Visual Proficiency and Music Analysis, and 4th in Brass, which dropped from 1st in both San Antonio and Atlanta. Both GE captions finished 5th, as did Visual Analysis and Color Guard. Percussion dropped to 7th from 6th in San Antonio and Atlanta.

The Cavaliers (6th, 91.175) was 5th in Percussion, 7th in Visual Analysis and Color Guard, and 6th in the remaining captions.

Phantom Regiment (7th, 89.750) took 5th in Brass, 7th in GE 1 and Visual Analysis, 8th in GE 2, Music Analysis and Percussion, and 10th in Visual Proficiency and Color Guard.

Blue Knights (8th, 89.600) took 6th in Percussion, 7th in GE 2 and Music Analysis, 8th in GE 1, 10th in Brass, and 9th in the three Visual captions.

Boston Crusaders (9th, 87.825) was 8th in Visual Proficiency, Visual Analysis, and Color Guard, 9th in GE 1, Brass and Percussion, 10th in GE 2, and 11th in Music Analysis.

Madison Scouts (10th, 86.900) was 7th in Visual Proficiency, 8th in Brass, 9th in GE 2, 10th in GE 1 and Music Analysis, 11th in Percussion, and 12th in Color Guard. Visual Analysis placed 14th and Visual Proficiency 17th.

Blue Stars (11th, 86.800) took 6th in Color Guard, 9th in Music Analysis, 10th in Percussion, and 11th in GE and Brass. The corps tied for 11th in GE 2, took 12th in Visual Proficiency and 13th in Visual Analysis.

Crossmen (12th-85.425) placed 10th in Music Analysis, 11th in Visual Proficiency and Color Guard, tied for 11th in GE 2, and placed 12th in all three Music captions.

Troopers (13th, 83.800) took 12th in Music Analysis and placed 13th in all other captions, tying for 13th in GE 1.

Colts (14th, 82.175) took 11th in Visual Analysis, tied for 13th in GE 1, placed 14th in GE 2, Visual Proficiency and Color Guard, 15th in Percussion, and 17th in Brass and Music Analysis.

Spirit of Atlanta (15th, 80.725) was 14th in Brass, 15th in GE 2, Color Guard and Music Analysis, 16th in GE 1 and Visual Proficiency, and 17th in Visual Analysis and Percussion.

The Academy (16th, 79.825) took 14th in Music Analysis, 15th in GE 1, Visual Proficiency, Visual Analysis and Brass, 16th in Color and Percussion, and tied for 18th in GE 2.

Oregon Crusaders (17th, 78.375) placed 14th in Percussion, 16th in GE 2, Visual Analysis, Brass and Music Analysis, 17th in GE 2, and 19th in Visual Proficiency and Color Guard.

Pacific Crest (18th, 77.350) was 17th in GE 2 and Visual Proficiency, 19th in GE 1 and Visual Analysis, and 18th in Color Guard and the three Music captions.

Mandarins (19th, 75.975) took 18th in Visual Proficiency and tied for 18th in GE 2. All three Music captions placed 19th and GE 1, Visual Analysis and Color Guard finished in 20th.

Jersey Surf (20th, 75.975) was 17th in Color Guard, 18th in GE 1 and Visual Analysis, 20th in GE 2, Music Analysis and Percussion, and 21st in Visual Proficiency and Brass.

Cascades (21st, 71.750) placed 20th in Visual Proficiency and Brass, and 21st in all other captions.

Pioneer (22nd, 68.100) placed 22nd in all captions.

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