Twelve finalist corps wrapped up the Open Class DCI World Championships at Michigan City, Indiana’s Ames Field on Tuesday, August 7.

View the complete scoring recap from the DCI Open Class World Championship Finals

Vanguard Cadets repeated as World Champion by scoring 80.075 while winning caption awards for Brass, Percussion, and General Effect. The corps took first place on the sheets of both General Effect judges and all four Music judges, but was 2nd in both Visual Proficiency and Visual Analysis, and 3rd in Color Guard.

Blue Devils B (2nd-79.600) won caption awards for Color Guard and Visual performance, taking first place in all three Visual captions and taking 2nd from all General Effect and Music judges.

Gold (3rd-76.750) placed 3rd in both General Effect captions, both Visual Proficiency and Visual Analysis and the average of both Music Analysis sheets, while finishing 4th in Brass and 5th in both Color Guard and Percussion.

Legends (4th-76.350) finished 3rd in Brass and Percussion, 4th in General Effect, Color Guard, and the average of the two Music Analysis judges, and 5th in Visual Proficiency and Visual Analysis. It was primarily the 0.550 deficiency to Gold in General Effect that kept the corps from repeating as a medalist, as the corps was only down two tenths in total Visual and beat Gold by 0.350 in total Music.

Spartans (5th-75.713) took 3rd in total Visual, earning 3rd in Color Guard and 4th in the other two Visual captions. The corps finished 5th in General Effect and all Music captions except for 6th place in Percussion.

7th Regiment (6th-73.313) placed 6th in total General Effect and total Visual, and 7th in total Music due to finishing 9th in Brass and Percussion.

Guardians (7th-71.875) was 6th in total Music due to placing 4th in Percussion and 6th in Brass, which countered 9th- and 10th-place finishes in Music Analysis. The corps was 7th in total Visual and 8th in total General Effect.

Louisiana Stars (8th-71.275) took 7th in total General Effect, 8th in total Visual, and 9th in total Music due to finishing 11th in Percussion.

River City Rhythm (9th-70.750) finished 8th in total Visual while taking 11th in Color Guard. The corps placed 8th in total Music by finishing 7th in Percussion and 10th in Brass, while finishing 10th in total General Effect.

Southwind (10th-69.700) took 9th in total General Effect and 10th in total Visual. The corps finished 10th in total Music by taking 8th in Brass and 12th place in Percussion.

Golden Empire (11th-67.075) placed 8th in Color Guard and Percussion and 11th in all other captions except for 12th on the sheet of one Music Analysis judge.

Shadow (12th-63.925) finished 10th in Percussion and 12th in all other captions except for 11th on the sheet of one Music Analysis judge.

Dordrecht, The Netherlands’ Jubal scored 67.125, winning 2018’s International Class World Championship title.