A record-breaking audience for the DCI World Championship Open Class Finals in Michigan City witnessed Vanguard Cadets (1st-80.725) sweep all the major awards by winning every caption, taking special honors for High Color Guard, High Visual Performance, High Percussion Performance, and High General Effect.

Blue Devils B (2nd-79.625) took 2nd in every caption. Legends (3rd-77.250) took the bronze medal by taking 3rd in all captions except for 4th in GE 1, Visual Efficiency and Percussion, and 5th in Color Guard.

Music City (4th-76.763) took 3rd in GE 1, 5th in Visual Proficiency, 6th in Percussion, and 4th in all other captions. Spartans (5th-75.925) took 3rd in Visual Proficiency, Color Guard, and Percussion, 6th in GE 1, and 5th in everything else.

Louisiana Stars (6th-73.213) received the award for “Most Improved Open Class Corps” for the 2nd year in a row. Percussion placed 5th, and all other captions were 5th or 6th, except for 9th place in GE 1.

Gold (7th-72.750) spanned from 5th in GE 1 to 9th in Visual Proficiency. 7th Regiment (8th-72.000) placed from 6th in Visual Proficiency and Brass to 10th in Percussion. Southwind (9th-70.125) tied 7th Regiment for 8th in Total GE and also took 8th in Visual Proficiency. The corps' lowest caption was 12th in Color Guard.

Guardians (10th-69.738) tied for 8th in Percussion, and 9th or 10th in the remaining captions. River City Rhythm (11th-67.688) tied for 8th in Percussion, and was 11th or 12th in the remaining captions. Raiders (12th-64.975) took 10th in Visual Proficiency and Color Guard and 12th in all other captions.

In International Class competition, THE COMPANY (1st-72.325) scored higher than five of the Open Class finalists.

All Open Class corps will head to Indianapolis to compete in the DCI World Championship Prelims at Lucas Oil Stadium on Thursday, August 10. They will be seeded into the lineup based on reverse order of finish in Michigan City.