On Sunday, June 25, 11 corps closed out the first weekend of the 2017 Drum Corps International Tour at Stanford Stadium in northern California.

DCI West presented by Lone Star Percussion witnessed Blue Devils and Santa Clara Vanguard fight it out the day after both corps shared the same venue for each organization's anniversary celebration, the Devils celebrating the 60th year of the founding of their parent organization and Vanguard the 50th season of the corps' founding.

Blue Devils finished atop Vanguard on Sunday by just 0.95. At last year's DCI West event on the same weekend as this year's event, the results were the same, but the spread was a whopping 2.15 points. Also of special note is the difference in spreads from last year to this year between Blue Devils and two other corps. Blue Knights reduced its spread from 8.15 points to 4.15, and Mandarins slashed its spread from 14.85 points to 7.70.

In reading the following, please keep in mind that the scores of the two general effect captions are counted for full value, without being averaged. However, each of the scores of the three visual and three music captions are first divided in half, with each of those half scores added for the total visual and total music scores.

At this point of the season, there is only one percussion judge, for a total of eight judges. About mid-season, we'll see an additional percussion judge added to the mix, and toward the end of the season, the general effect panels will be doubled.

For now, there is one judge for general effect 1 and one for general effect 2. Each judge is responsible for adjudicating the complete show. The three visual captions that are divided in half and added together are proficiency, analysis, and color guard. The three music captions that are divided in half and added together are brass, analysis, and percussion.

View the complete recap of scores from this event. 

World Class

Blue Devils (1st - 72.000) won General Effect 1 and General Effect 2 captions by a total spread of 0.80, which was worth all but 0.15 of the final spread between the Devils and Vanguard. Blue Devils also took first in Visual Proficiency and Visual Analysis, but placed 2nd in Color Guard to Vanguard, capturing the Total Visual caption by 0.25. While capturing Music Analysis by 0.30, the Devils fell to Vanguard in Brass and Percussion, slipping 0.30 under SCV in Total Music.

Santa Clara Vanguard (2nd - 71.050) won the Color Guard, Brass, and Percussion captions, and took 2nd in everything else. That 0.80 deficit to the Devils in General Effect was by far the most notable margin. Capturing Color Guard, Brass, and Percussion indicates all three sections of the corps are strong.

Blue Knights (3rd - 67.850) took 4th in Visual Analysis, slipping under Phantom Regiment by 0.20. All other captions placed 3rd, resulting in a 0.50 advantage over Regiment in Total General Effect, a tie with Regiment in Total Visual, and a 0.65 advantage in Total Music. The spread over Regiment in Total Music accounted for more than half the corps' total spread of 1.15 over Phantom.

Phantom Regiment (4th - 66.700) took 3rd in Color Guard, one point under Vanguard and 0.80 under the Devils, but 0.40 over Blue Knights. The corps also tied Blue Knights for 3rd in Total Visual. All other captions placed 4th, typically closer to 3rd place than 5th.

Mandarins (5th - 64.300) placed 5th in both General Effect captions and all three Visual captions, and 6th in all three Music captions. While falling under The Academy by 0.70 in Total Music, the corps scored one point over Academy in General Effect and 0.65 over in Total Visual. Scoring just 0.30 under Regiment in Total General Effect was especially notable.

The Academy (6th - 63.350) took 5th in all three Music captions and 6th in everything else. The 0.95 deficit to Mandarins in overall score was mostly due to scoring one point down in Total General Effect.

Pacific Crest (7th - 60.650) placed 7th in all captions.

Open Class

Blue Devils B (1st - 58.150) won all captions and subcaptions except for General Effect 1 and Percussion. The corps' most significant advantage over Vanguard Cadets came in Total Visual, which Blue Devils B led by 0.95.

Vanguard Cadets (2nd - 56.050) finished 2nd in all captions and subcaptions other than General Effect 1 and Percussion. Notably in Total Music, the Vanguard Cadets finished just 0.05 behind Blue Devils B.

Golden Empire (3rd - 50.100) finished 3rd in all captions.

Blue Devils C (4th - 44.100) placed 4th in all captions.