After the dust settled on the Drum Corps International World Championship Prelims in Indianapolis; the top three corps all scored within a point of each other, the door seemed to close a bit on some hopeful finalists, and five Open Class corps advanced to the Semifinals at the expense of three World Class corps.

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Blue Devils (1st-97.363) remained undefeated on the season by winning General Effect and two Visual captions — Proficiency and Analysis. The corps placed 2nd in Color Guard, Brass, and Percussion, and 3rd in Music Analysis. The corps was 1st in Total Visual and 2nd in Total Music.

Santa Clara Vanguard (2nd-97.000) was 1st in Color Guard and Percussion, 3rd in Brass and 2nd in everything else. Carolina Crown (3rd-96.363) won Total Music despite placing 3rd in Percussion by taking 1st in Brass and Music Analysis. The corps took 3rd in Total General Effect and two of the three Visual captions, finishing 5th in Guard, but still retaining 3rd in Total Visual.

Bluecoats (4th-94.638) finished between 4th and 6th in all captions. Color Guard took 6th and Percussion 5th, with every other caption finishing 4th. The Cavaliers (5th-94.125) took 4th in Guard and Percussion, and besides taking 7th in Visual Analysis, placed 5th or 6th in all other captions.

Boston Crusaders (6th-93.200) placed 3rd in Color Guard, 7th in General Effect, and 5th or 6th in everything else. The Cadets (7th-92.263) were 6th in General Effect and 5th in Visual Analysis, but took 7th or 8th in the remaining captions, except for a 9th place finish in Brass. Blue Knights (8th-90.175) were between 7th and 9th in every caption except for 11th in Color Guard.

Phantom Regiment (9th-89.150) was 7th in Brass, 8th or 9th in most other captions, and 11th in Visual Proficiency and Music Analysis. Blue Stars (10th-87.550) took 8th in Guard and 9th through 11th in all other captions. Crossmen (11th-87.425) was 9th through 11th in all captions. Madison Scouts (12th-86.150) put some distance between itself and 13th place by placing 12th in every single caption. Although the corps placed 10th in GE 1, it placed 12th in Total GE.

Mandarins (13th-84.213) couldn't close the gap on the Scouts partially due to placing 15th in Brass, with everything else finishing 13th. The high point for Colts (14th-83.450) was 13th in Percussion, with all other captions placing 14th or 15th. The Academy (15th-83.075) was 14th or 15th in all captions. Vanguard Cadets (16th-81.500) was 18th in Brass and 16th or 17th in all other captions.

Troopers (17th-81.025) were 18th in Color Guard and 16th or 17th in everything else. Blue Devils B (18th-80.175) took 16th in Color Guard, but 19th or 20th in the three Music captions. Spirit of Atlanta (19th-80.050) was 17th or 18th in the three Music captions and 19th in all other captions except for Color Guard, which ended in 21st.

Oregon Crusaders (20th-78.700) and Pacific Crest (21st-77.788) finished between 19th and 22nd in all captions. Legends (22nd-76.800) and Genesis (23rd-76.125) were between 20th and 24th in all captions. Music City (24th-74.950) and Spartans (25th-74.350) had a spread of 21st to 28th in all captions, with most of Music City's spread over Spartans coming in the Music captions.

Seattle Cascades (26th-74.125) placed out of Semifinals by a slim margin of 0.225 finishing down to Spartans by a large gap of 1.10 in Total Visual, which blew out the corps' wins over Spartans in Total General Effect and Total Music. Jersey Surf (27th-71.613) was hit hard by placing 30th in Percussion, and Louisiana Stars (28th-71.563) was 32nd in Visual Analysis.

Gold (29th-70.100) and THE COMPANY (30th-70.038) placed relatively close to their total placements in most of the captions. The remaining corps included 7th Regiment (31st-69.800), Southwind (32nd-68.838), Guardians (33rd-67.838), Pioneer (34th-65.913), River City Rhythm (35th-65.700), Raiders (36th-63.525), Shadow (37th-62.000), Colt Cadets (38th-60.925), Impulse (39th-57.550), and Les Stentors (40th-54.725).