From a Memphis Sound press release: Memphis Sound was pleased to welcome Patrick Sheridan, world-renown tuba soloist and co-author of "The Breathing Gym," to the corps rehearsal from April 1-3. Sheridan kicked off the weekend with a two-hour clinic for the entire corps on Friday night. Members and staff, alike, were stretching, breathing, grooving and grunting with him. The exercises were to help members increase airflow and stamina, improve tone and breath control, reduce body tension, and raise energy level and focus. Using "The Breathing Gym" techniques in our rehearsal was great!" said Terry Jolley, the corps design coordinator and brass arranger. "We will continue to include the breathing exercises in our warmup, and do an exercise or two between rehearsal segments for a change of pace and a chance to refocus. The kids really got into it," he said. Pat Sheridan also assisted with the corps brass rehearsal throughout the weekend. On Saturday afternoon, Memphis Sound sponsored "The Breathing Gym" clinic with Sheridan for area band directors and about 100 band students. For brass students who wish to march this summer and learn "The Breathing Gym" techniques, a limited number of spots are available in the Memphis Sound horn line. Visit the corps' web site for details (