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Mackenzie Arnold
By Mackenzie Arnold
2001 – 2002 Trumpet
2003 Mellophone
"You are a member of the Santa Clara Vanguard." Hearing that phrase from corps director Rick Valenzuela made me think about a lot of things this weekend. Even though he was speaking mainly to the new people in the corps, I was still struck with awe when he spoke those words. Funny how this will be my third year in the Vanguard, but it was as if I had never heard that phrase before. It reminded me that I am not just marching in a drum corps, but I am marching in the Santa Clara Vanguard. For me and for all those who used to march here, are marching here now, or will someday march here, it is such an honor to be affiliated with the Vanguard. Things are looking really good this year for SCV. Many things happened this past weekend as SCV held another camp for brass and percussion. A few rehearsal blocks were spent learning the first 15 pages of the opener. By the end of camp, the horns and drums performed the drill and music at pretty close to tempo. To my knowledge this is as far ahead of the game as SCV has ever been. Along with a good number of returning vets, SCV will see most of the visual staff returning. This past camp featured the wisdom and passion of new visual tech Joey Keays. Let me tell you; I have never seen anyone act so passionately excited about marching as Keays is. "It has to feel good to look good!" seems to be his motto. I feel that the members reacted very well and very positively to his methods. I am very excited to have him on our visual staff. As for the horn line, this past weekend was spent refining the opener with the percussion and reviewing the second and third movements of the show. For those who may not know, the horn line already has all of the show music. This can be attributed to the great efforts of our new arranger, Key Poulan. He has been such a blessing to the Vanguard by having all of the music arranged for the horn line by the December camp. His enthusiasm for being on SCV's staff and his arranging talents are more than we could ever ask for. When you put everything together, along with the drill written by Myron Rosander, the members of SCV will have their work cut out for them. Fortunately with the head start that we have had these past few months, the level of excellence will be very high. Fans should expect a very exciting, high velocity show that will keep them at the edges of their seats if not out of their seats and cheering, "SCV!"